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Sticky Tape - Water Resistant Hi-Tack Double Sided Tape 2.5cmx20m
Water Resistant Hi-Tack Double Sided Tape 2.5cmx20m
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Sticky Tape - Water Resistant Hi-Tack Double Sided Tape 1.8cmx20m
Water Resistant Hi-Tack Double Sided Tape 1.8cmx20m
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Sticky Tape - PVC Bunching tape (12mm X 66m) Clear
PVC Bunching tape (12mm X 66m) Clear
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Sticky Tape - Premium Cello Sticky Tape Clear (10mmx66m)
Premium Cello Sticky Tape Clear (10mmx66m)
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Sticky Tape - Premium Cello Sticky Tape Clear (12mmx66m)
Premium Cello Sticky Tape Clear (12mmx66m)
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Sticky Tape - Premium Cello Sticky Tape Clear (15mmx66m)
Premium Cello Sticky Tape Clear (15mmx66m)
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Sticky Tape - Premium Cello Sticky Tape Clear (18mmx66m)
Premium Cello Sticky Tape Clear (18mmx66m)
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Sticky Tape - Premium Cello Sticky Tape Clear (24mmx66m)
Premium Cello Sticky Tape Clear (24mmx66m)
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Sticky Tape - PVC Bunching tape (12mm X 66m) Green
PVC Bunching tape (12mm X 66m) Green
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Sticky Tape - Double Sided Tape (25mm x 25m) White
Double Sided Tape (25mm x 25m) White
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Sticky Tape - Pilotape Cello Sticky Tape Clear (12mm X 66m)
Pilotape Cello Sticky Tape Clear (12mm X 66m)
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Sticky Tape - Pilotape Cello Sticky Tape Clear (18mm X 66m)
Pilotape Cello Sticky Tape Clear (18mm X 66m)
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Sticky Tape - Sticky Tape Dispenser (20x10cmH)
Sticky Tape Dispenser (20x10cmH)
$6.19 buy 12+
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Sticky Tape

Sticky tape is a do-it-all tool that can be found in every home, tool shed, and workplace. Available in a number of different types, sticky tape can be used to bond or join objects together in the place of fasteners, wires, cable ties, glues, or welding. At Koch & Co, we stock a range of sticky tapes, from standard clear sticky tape, to floral adhesive tape, to biodegradable water activated gummed tape

Looking For The Best Tape Dispenser?

At Koch & Co, we have a tape dispenser for every application. For all adhesive tape, wholesale-priced that we stock, we have a wholesale tape dispenser to match. Our sticky tape dispenser is popular in homes and offices, and is also regularly used in floristry and crafting workspaces. Additionally, our premium packaging tape gun dispenser is perfect for more commercial applications or for relocating homes.

Following new packaging trends, we have our innovative water activated tape dispenser. Designed for more efficient use with our water activated gum tapes, this dispenser is compatible with tapes that measure as wide as 48mm. To use this type of dispenser, remove the black sponge wheel and add water to the reservoir. Replace the sponge wheel, which will in turn, absorb the water in the reservoir. When the tape is pulled through the dispenser, this sponge will roll across the underside of the tape. Our water activated tape dispenser works much like a traditional tape dispenser. Pull and tear the sticky tape to your desired length.

High Quality Adhesive Tape

Our Koch & Co adhesive tape range is quality-assured. Designed for use in commercial spaces, our tapes are reliable and wholesale priced. Customers can opt for bulk sticky tape and bulk tape dispenser orders. For gift wrapping at home, shop our transparent sticky tape. No matter the quantity being purchased, all our adhesive tapes deliver on quality. 

Cello Tape For Your Next Project

Traditional transparent tape, or cello tape, is a common household and crafting tool. At Koch & Co, we stock a versatile range of cello tape that’s easy to use. We also offer a standard and premium range of cello tape coming in a range of widths. Check out our website to find the craft adhesive tape you need for your creative projects. 

How does sticky tape work?

Sticky tape is a tool we know so well, yet so little about. We all know sticky tape has adhesive, but it also has a release coating layered on top of the adhesive (on the sticky side of the tape). Glue molecules won't stick to each other, and this coating stops it from doing this, or ‘cohering’. Restricting cohesion enables tape to instead ‘adhere’ to the non-glue molecules of the surface to which it is being stuck (a.k.a. ‘the substrate’). Therefore, adhesive force is what holds your tape to your surface. 

What is the strongest sticky tape?

Duct tape is often the strongest type of tape that is commonly used. Backed with a rubber-based adhesive, duct tape can be easily adhered to a wide variety of surfaces. Though this adhesion is convenient, the trade-off is an especially stubborn residue once the tape is removed. 

At Koch & Co, our florist’s pot tape is gaffer tape, which is another strong sticky tape. Similar to duct tape, gaffer tape differs in that it is backed with fabric, rather than vinyl or polyethylene, and it doesn’t leave any residue once removed. Though not as adhesive, gaffer tape is a strong and versatile alternative that can be torn by hand, which makes it a great fit for working on the go. Florist’s pot tape is an invaluable tool to a florist, used to secure mechanics to containers, to bind arrangements, as a complement to parafilm on woody stems, and more.  

Is sticky tape recyclable?

Unfortunately, traditional sticky tapes contain polypropylene and other plastics, and as such, cannot be recycled. This includes masking tape, which, owing to its papery appearance, could seem to be recyclable. Place these sticky tape products in the general waste. The good news is, if you have recyclable products like boxes with plastic sticky tape on them, you can still recycle them. The tape is removed during the pulping process. 

Better yet, more and more businesses are embracing water activated gummed tape. This tape is recyclable, and is a big step towards the reduction of global plastic consumption in this era of delivered convenience. 

Is sticky tape biodegradable?

Traditional sticky tape varieties are not biodegradable, but our water activated gummed tape is both biodegradable and recyclable. This tape is made with paper and the bonds in the starch-based adhesive are water-activated to bind to the box's surface.

Does sticky tape damage the walls?

Sticky tape and walls are notoriously incompatible. Known for leaving sticky residue, marks, or even peeling off paint, removing sticky tape from a wall can often mean repairs and repainting. If you do need to tape something to a wall, painter’s tape is a good option. Manufacturer’s make specialised double sided sticky tape for wall-mounting purposes, but take care to install properly and to not use varieties designed for other purposes. 
If you do happen to have wall-unfriendly sticky tape stuck to the wall that needs removing, try applying heat with a heat gun or hair dryer to loosen the adhesive. 

How to remove sticky tape residue?

Sticky tape residue can be difficult to lift from any surface. As a general rule, rubbing alcohol can be used to effectively remove sticky tape residues.
Laying a clean rag soaked with rubbing alcohol for 15 minutes on the affected surface is the one-size-fits-all approach to removing sticky tape residue. A milder alternative includes using vinegar instead of rubbing alcohol. 
WD-40 is another favourite for removing sticky tape residue. Simply spray and scrub with a fabric towel. For stubborn residue, WD-40 can also be applied and left to sit briefly before scrubbing the residue off.

How to remove sticky tape residue from glass?

For those who have stuck a sign on a window, whether that be in the home or on the car, removing the clear double sided tape or regular cello tape used can be tricky. To do this, there are three key approaches:

  1. White Vinegar: Acetic acid in vinegar works well against tape residue on glass. Soak a rag in vinegar and water solution before holding against the glass for up to a minute. Then wipe and repeat where necessary. 
  2. Vegetable Oils: When left to work against residue for a few minutes, vegetable oils can lift adhesive residue, making it easier to scrub away. 
  3. Chemical Solvents: Solvents such as rubbing alcohol, white spirits (such as methylated spirits), and acetone can be easy to source and are quick to act upon sticky tape residue on glass. Simply soak a clean rag and wipe. As always, for stubborn residue, lay or hold your soaked rag over the residue for as long as necessary. 
How to remove sticky tape residue from plastic?

When you apply sticky tape onto plastic and then remove it, the residue that remains behind can be unsightly and challenging to clean off. Scraping sticky tape residue off of plastic can often leave scratch marks, and harsh chemicals can lead to discolouration. We’ll share some methods below to help you remove sticky tape residue using items you can find in the home. Please note that in every case, we recommend first doing a patch test in an inconspicuous spot. 

  • Warm, soapy water: Try to remove sticky tape residue from plastic with warm, very soapy water. If your plastic item can be submerged in a bucket or sink, soak for 15 minutes.
  • Vinegar: Acetic acid is a powerful non-toxic cleaner that doesn’t adversely affect most plastics. However, it does interact with rubber and causes it to degrade, so take care to test an inconspicuous patch before committing to vinegar. 
  • Sticky tape residue removal soak: 
    • 1 cup distilled white vinegar
    • 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap
    • 4.5L hot water 
  • Soak for 15 minutes and use a damp cloth to gently rub away the loosened glue residue. 
  • Cooking oil: Cooking oil is a gentle way to remove sticky tape residue from plastic, but it can stain some absorbent plastics. Take care by doing a patch test first. To remove the residue, soak a clean cloth with any household cooking or baby oil and leave it sitting on your plastic for 15 minutes. This should loosen the adhesive, so that the gluey mess can be wiped away. 
  • Rubbing alcohol: Soak a cotton ball or clean household cleaning wipe with rubbing alcohol and set it on the sticky residue. Leave for a minimum of five minutes, and then wipe residue away and rinse. Vodka can yield a similar result.
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