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Acrylic Water

There is a special craft to creating bouquets with artificial flowers and making them look authentic and genuine. Fake water is the key when it comes to creating bouquets with silk flowers and other artificial varieties, and in order to achieve that look, you will need acrylic water.

This kind of product is realistic water resin that fills the bottom of the vase once you pour in the resin, giving it a natural and authentic arrangement in a glass vase that will look its best for months to come.

With fresh flowers, you have the pool of water inside the vase that gives it its natural look, but soaking stems of faux flowers in water will not achieve a great look and might even make the stems rust.

Here at Koch & Co, we offer acrylic water for artificial flowers at wholesale prices, helping you to create the bouquet of your dreams without any effort at all. Our acrylic water kit requires that you simply pour the resin into the glass vase and then place the flower arrangement into it to watch it come to life.

Through this category, you can find the acrylic water you need to create everlasting floral arrangements, and all of the kits can be delivered all across Australia for your convenience.

Read our Koch blog article about How To Use Acrylic Water With Silk Flowers to learn tips and technics to get the perfect realistic water finish.

We also have a dedicated page for frequently asked questions on acrylic water available.

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