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Artificial Lily Bouquets - Calla Lily Mini Bouquet Real Touch White (9 Flowers 35cmST)
Calla Lily Mini Bouquet Real Touch White (9 Flowers 35cmST)
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Artificial Lily Bouquets

Artificial lilies occupy a special place in the hearts and homes of atificial flower lovers around the world for their stately beauty, elegance and sensational appeal. With our artificial lily bouquets that timeless beauty will endure season after season, year after year without fail.

If you are looking for a burst of colour and texture for your home or your business our artificial lily bouquets are a perfect low maintenance, long term addition to any space. Whether arranged for a mesmerising backdrop or taking centre stage, our bouquets remarkably authentic classy appearance will dazzle guests.

Whatever the occasion, an artfully designed artificial lily bouquet from Koch & Co will provide that stunning finishing touch to make your big day a perfect big day. Our eye for detail ensures every artificial flower bouquet is of the highest quality and fit for anything from a table centrepiece to a bridal bundle. Choose from a variety of colours to suit the season or theme of your next gathering and make a statement that reveals your decorative spirit.

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