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Dried & Preserved Sea Holly - Preserved Dried Sea Holly Bunch 100g Off White
Preserved Dried Sea Holly Bunch 100g Off White
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Dried & Preserved Sea Holly

Dried sea holly is a creative way to finish out the gaps in your bouquet with a unique looking plant that can make your bouquet stand out from the others. At Koch & Co, we offer a wide variety of preserved sea holly for you to choose from. Our dried Sea Holly comes in a variety of colours, including champagne, dusty pink, natural, soft pink, wine and white. With these options, you can mix and match to create the perfect bouquet, one whose colours align beautifully with the colour scheme of your wedding, dinner party, birthday party and beyond.

A floral arrangement is one of the most creative endeavours you can partake in. With so many different options when it comes to what you can fill out a bouquet with, you have incredible freedom over the appearance of the end result. While fresh flowers are commonly used in floral bouquets, there is merit to using dried and preserved flowers as well. Many people prefer them due to the fact that they last longer than fresh flowers and never wilt, so they can continue to be enjoyed long after the occasion that called for the bouquet in the first place has ended. Alongside this, dried and preserved flowers also tend to cost less than fresh ones, which is especially important when buying flowers in bulk for an event. This is especially true of plants and flowers that are harder to come by than others, including sea holly. 

Buy your dried & preserved sea holly bunches from Koch & Co today and we will deliver them to your door Australia wide in no time! 

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