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Artificial Flowers

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are the perfect alternative to fresh flowers, especially with their real touch feel. While fresh flowers are lovely for a short period, artificial flowers last a lifetime and look perfect in the long-term. Plus, artificial flowers are extremely low maintenance, require no watering and are great for those with allergies.


At Koch & Co, we have a wide range of artificial flowers and greenery available at wholesale prices - some of the best artificial plants Australia offer. With such high quality artificial flowers, you'll be spoilt for choice! Our beautiful range includes magnificent frangipani silk flowers, artificial roses, artificial plants, fake orchid plants and stunning silk bridal bouquet flowers.


Looking for the perfect wedding bouquet that you can keep as a forever memento? With our fake flowers, you can create a bridal bouquet filled with romantic roses, orchids, peonies, hydrangeas and more! Fleurs® artificial flowers arrangements can be designed to enhance and embrace many environments and settings. We also have Australian native flowers including artificial billy button flowers and eucalyptus to create a beautiful native bouquet. Don't be afraid to add a pop of colour into your bouquet and really make it unique.


Our artificial trees and plants are also great to decorate your home or office! Some artificial flowers and greenery can make all the difference when it comes to making a space feel warm, inviting and 'homely'. Simply adding in a palm tree to that empty corner or filling a pot with artificial succulents, is an easy way to upgrade any room.


Another home decor tip, is to include artificial baby’s breath in a nursery! It's a perfect way to create a neutral room without going over the top and really adds a sweet touch. You can either incorporate these silk flowers into a small flower arrangement or create a DIY canopy with them! Another great neutral option is a native bouquet or even some white silk roses!


With over 80 years experience, we’re a dedicated artificial flower wholesale supplier you can rely on, bringing you the artificial flowers and artificial plants Australia is obsessing over! Here at Koch & Co, we sell our artificial flowers Australia-wide and offer quick delivery to all major centres. These include: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney as well as most country areas.

How to arrange artificial flowers bouquet?

Artificial flowers can create vibrant arrangements that last a lifetime. Create your own artificial flower bouquets in just a few simple steps.

1. Firstly, decide what vase you wish to display your arrangement in. Cylinder glass vases are always a popular choice.
2. Select the type of flowers you like, and in what colour or colours you like. You should also select some greenery as a filler to add contrast and body for your bouquet, such as eucalyptus.
3. Typically, your artificial flower selection will be a beautiful bouquet of different length flower stems. You will need a pair of wire cutters to trim uneven lengths and unwanted pieces.
4. Then decide on the binding point of your arrangement. The lower, the more open the bunch will be. The higher, the tighter the bunch will be.
5. Take one of your largest flowers and pair it with one of each of your smaller flowers, making sure that the stems are angled at the base and not all bunched together.
6. Continue to build your bouquet by rotating your arrangement and adding the same combination of flowers one and a time.
7. When you are pleased with your arrangement, secure the bunch together at the binding point using binding wire.
8. Using a pair of wire cutters, trim the ends of the stems to your desired length.

How to attach fake flowers to wreath?

Including fake flowers in a wreath arrangement can add a pop of colour and texture to your display.

1. Choose the selection of fake flowers online or in-store that you would like to use. Try to choose different sizes of flowers.
2. When you have chosen your favourite blooms, trim the stems with wire cutters, leaving approximately 10-15cm of stem.
3. Choose what position you would like to arrange your flowers in. You could try clustering your flowers all to one side of the wreath or scattering them around the wreath.
4. Slide the stems of your flowers into the wreath and secure them to the frame using binding wire.
5. Trim any loose leaves or wire to finish your arrangement.

How to make a wedding bouquet with artificial flowers?

Faux flowers are perfect for making everlasting wedding bouquets and in just a few simple steps you can arrange your own.

1. Take the largest blooms you have selected, such as Peonies or Roses, and secure three or four of them together with binding wire to make the base of your bouquet.
2. Rotate your bouquet and add a mixture of medium flowers as you go. Try to mix different colours together so you aren’t creating large sections of the same colour.
3. If you desire, you can try inserting small sprigs of flowers like Baby’s Breath to fill-out the bouquet.
4. When you are finished, secure your flower stems with twine. Start from a couple of centimetres below the flower heads and wrap tightly for half of the length of the stems.
5. Using a pair of wire cutters, trim the stems so that they are even. Remember to leave enough length so that you can comfortably hold the arrangement.
6. To cover the twine, take some ribbon of your choice and wrap the length of the stems, stopping 5cm from the end. To secure the ribbon, use a diamond or pearl headed pin or a hot glue gun.

How to clean faux flowers?

As one of the largest suppliers of artificial flowers Australia wide, we know the maintenance and care that goes into keeping faux flowers looking their best. The best thing about artificial flowers is that they are much more durable than fresh flowers or preserved flowers. In most cases, if they are not to dirty, a quick dusting with a household duster or a light spray with silk flower cleaner will remove most unwanted dust. However, if your artificial flowers require a deeper clean start by taking them out of their vase. Fill your kitchen or laundry sink with clean soapy water. Gently rinse the flowers in the sink. Make sure you remove any remaining soap off the flowers and then carefully shake off any excess water. Then place your flowers onto a clean towel so they can air-dry.

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