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Ribbon Holder

If your collection of ribbons is cluttered and taking up unnecessary space, then you need a ribbon holder to organise the chaos. A stackable ribbon stand is perfect for arranging, organising, and displaying ribbons either in your store or at home.

A ribbon dispenser rack can easily organise and display ribbons for sale in shops and stores for your customers. You can also use a ribbon stand to coordinate and arrange ribbons for use at home. Since Koch & Co’s ribbon stand is stackable, you can buy multiple at a wholesale price to be used in your shops, or just one for personal ribbon storage at your home.

Our ribbon dispenser range is available in two main styles including our cardboard ribbon dispenser box and our metal ribbon display stackable stand, which can also be conveniently screwed to the wall.

At Koch & Co, we import our ribbon rack products so we can bring them to you at wholesale prices. Our products are available across Australia and we deliver to the major centres such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

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