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Wedding Arches

Wedding ceremonies are an age old tradition to celebrate the unity between two people, and while over time, the wedding decorations have changed here and there, one of the key parts of any wedding day taking place in an outdoor ceremony has been wedding arches. A ceremony arch plays a key role in the actual exchanging of the vows, putting the couple front and centre in the eyes of their guests, surrounded beautifully either by an elegant metal wedding arch or a floral wedding arch, making it so guests can't take their eyes off of them.

Whether you are hoping to get a floral arch for your outdoor wedding or a gorgeous metal wedding arch, Koch & Co has you covered. We offer you the chance to pick the garden arch that best suits the aesthetic of your big day, letting you tie in old traditions to your modern wedding ceremony. Choose from gorgeous frames of various shapes to be cover fresh or artificial flowers and really make a statement that is picture-worthy and accents the bride's dress and the groom's suit. No matter what kind of wedding arches you are interested in, you can fall in love with one here at wholesale prices featuring delivery Australia wide.

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