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Christmas Wreath - Metallic Bauble Wreath Gold & Silver (56cmD)
Metallic Bauble Wreath Gold & Silver (56cmD)
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Christmas Wreath - Metallic Bauble Wreath Silver (56cmD)
Metallic Bauble Wreath Silver (56cmD)
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Christmas Baubles

When it comes to adorning your Christmas tree, one cannot overlook the timeless allure of Christmas baubles. These iconic decorations are an absolute essential during the holiday season, and at Koch & Co, we offer an extensive array of Christmas tree baubles for your delight.
This season, we present an expansive collection of festive baubles, boasting a dazzling array of colours, shapes, patterns, and pack sizes, including exquisite glass tree baubles. Regardless of your home's decor style, you're sure to find the perfect Xmas baubles to grace your tree with. From vibrant red to lustrous metallic gold and silver, we even offer an array of elegant champagne-coloured baubles for a modern twist.

Stunning Christmas Tree Baubles For The Festive Season

Our enchanting baubles also make for the perfect addition to DIY Christmas wreaths. Within our range, we have a variety of wreaths awaiting your personal touch, ready to be adorned with festive baubles, Christmas picks, and more. You can even use them to embellish Christmas garlands, and infuse your living space with an abundance of holiday cheer.
To cater to your specific needs, our Christmas tree baubles and other Christmas ornaments are available in a range of pack sizes, ensuring both affordability and compatibility with all Christmas decoration themes, be it traditional, rustic, or modern. For a dose of inspiration and Christmas decoration ideas, be sure to explore our blog and Christmas occasion pages, which feature innovative ways to incorporate rose gold, silver, or natural Xmas decorations.

Glamorous Bauble Wreaths Your Home, Event & Office

Xmas baubles can also bring a bit of festive charm to your home, event, and office spaces. In your home, they can adorn trees, windows, and garlands, creating a warm and traditional holiday ambiance. For events, large Christmas baubles can add an elegant touch as decorations; hanging from ceilings, gracing tables, or forming enchanting wreaths. In the office, mini baubles on a tabletop Christmas tree can help boost morale and create a joyful atmosphere. They can enhance reception areas, decorate common spaces, and contribute to holiday parties. Versatile and creative, Christmas baubles can make your spaces come alive with the spirit of the season, whether you're celebrating at home, hosting an event, or brightening up the workplace.

Delivering Christmas Baubles Australia Wide

For an unparalleled array of Christmas baubles in Australia, including blue baubles and more, Koch & Co is your ultimate destination. Explore our wholesale Christmas baubles options to help elevate your holiday decor to a new level this year.

At Koch & Co, we take pride in being your go-to destination for the finest decorations during the festive season. Shop our diverse selection of baubles and other event decorations online today and enjoy substantial savings. If you have any Xmas baubles inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer care team, or visit our friendly staff at our Koch & Co Auburn Superstore. Remember, we offer delivery across Australia, serving metro cities, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, as well as many regional areas.

How to decorate a big Christmas tree?

Decorating a big Christmas tree is a delightful holiday tradition that can be made even more enchanting with the right combination of ornaments. 

  1. Start by selecting a variety of Christmas baubles, including glass baubles and large Christmas baubles, to add depth and texture to your tree. To create a cohesive and visually appealing look, consider incorporating a theme or colour scheme. For a unique touch, try blue baubles to infuse a sense of winter wonder into your tree.
  2. Begin decorating by evenly spacing your ornaments throughout the tree, ensuring that the larger ornaments are placed deeper within the branches to provide a sense of balance. 
  3. Add smaller Xmas baubles to the outer branches for a layered effect. 
  4. To enhance the overall appeal, consider including a mix of other festive elements like tinsel, garlands, and lights. 
  5. Don't forget the tree topper to crown your masterpiece. 

Whether you opt for traditional or contemporary, a well-decorated Christmas tree with an array of Christmas tree baubles will undoubtedly make your holiday season merry and bright. At Koch & Co, we ship our Christmas baubles Australia wide for your convenience, helping you to create a warm and festive ambience in your home for all to enjoy this holiday season.

How to decorate Christmas baubles?

Decorating Xmas baubles is a delightful holiday tradition that brings warmth and cheer to any home. Even if you have a variety of different baubles with contrasting finishes, there are creative ways to make them all shine.

  • For white baubles, a classic choice, use metallic or glittering paint pens to add intricate designs or write personalised messages. A simple, elegant approach is to tie a white satin ribbon around each bauble for a timeless look.
  • Glass Christmas baubles provide a beautiful canvas for creativity. Fill them with small, colourful ornaments, artificial snow, or feathers to create a whimsical scene. You can also paint the inside of the glass baubles with a mix of blue and white paint, creating a dreamy, wintry effect.
  • Blue Christmas baubles can be paired with white Christmas baubles for a frosty theme. Try adding silver accents or intricate snowflake designs to evoke a sense of icy beauty.
  • Large baubles can serve as statement pieces on your tree. Cover them in red and white ribbon, intertwining the two colours for a striking contrast. Consider placing them at the centre of your tree to draw attention.
  • Red baubles, a timeless classic, can be adorned with white snowflake patterns or even small, hand-painted holiday scenes for a unique touch.

Incorporating these creative ideas into your Christmas bauble decorations will make your tree a true work of art, ensuring a festive and personalised atmosphere in your home during the holiday season.

How to make personalised Christmas baubles?

When it comes to adding a personalised touch to your Christmas decorations, crafting your own custom baubles is both fun and fulfilling. To get started, gather a variety of baubles along with the necessary crafting supplies. 
Here are some ideas on how to personalise some of our favourite types of Xmas baubles:
Gold Baubles:

  • Use metallic paint or gold adhesive vinyl to add initials, names, or meaningful words.
  • Decorate with gold glitter or rhinestones for a touch of sparkle.
  • Wrap a gold ribbon around the bauble, and attach a personalised tag.

Green Baubles:

  • Transform green baubles into mini Christmas trees by glueing small ornaments, beads, or even artificial branches.
  • Write names or messages with white paint or use white adhesive vinyl for a classic look.
  • Create a "Grinch" themed ornament with a painted face and Santa hat.

Pink Baubles:

  • Decorate pink baubles with white snowflakes or holiday-themed stencils.
  • Add a layer of pink glitter for a glamorous touch.
  • Personalise with names or initials using adhesive vinyl in contrasting colours like white or gold.

Black Baubles:

  • Write festive messages or create chalkboard-style designs with white or metallic chalk markers.
  • Use silver or gold paint to make elegant designs, like stars, swirls, or intricate patterns.
  • Apply adhesive vinyl letters for a modern, clean look.

Giant Baubles:

  • Paint the entire surface with chalkboard paint, and write personalised messages with chalk.
  • Attach adhesive vinyl monograms or family names to make them stand out.
  • Create a custom photo ornament by glueing a picture on one side of the giant bauble.

Mini Baubles:

  • Paint intricate designs, such as snowflakes, reindeer, or Christmas scenes, using fine brushes.
  • Write individual names or short messages with a paint pen.
  • Glue tiny photos, charms, or small trinkets inside mini baubles for a personal touch.

Personalising your Christmas baubles with these creative ideas will add a special and meaningful touch to your holiday decorations. It's a wonderful way to make your tree uniquely yours and create lasting memories.

How to arrange baubles on a Christmas tree?

The magic of the holiday season often centres around the sparkle of Christmas baubles adorning a beautifully decorated tree. In this guide, we'll show you how to expertly arrange your Xmas baubles for a striking festive display.

Gathering Your Baubles: Before you begin, gather your Xmas baubles to get an idea of how many you have and if purchasing more is necessary to achieve your desired look. If you want to create a lush display, consider purchasing bulk Christmas baubles or explore our Koch & Co wholesale Christmas baubles for budget-friendly options.

Planning Your Theme: Start by deciding on the theme and colour scheme for your tree. For example, red Christmas baubles hold a classic appeal during the holiday season.

Arrangement Tips:

  • Begin with larger baubles, evenly spaced as focal points.
  • Mix complementary colours, such as white and red baubles, to create depth.
  • Incorporate different textures, sizes, and shapes.
  • Try placing your Xmas baubles deep within the branches and closer to the tips.
  • Consider arranging baubles in odd numbers for visual appeals

Final Adjustments: Step back and assess, making adjustments for balance and harmony.

The Finishing Touch: Add lights, tinsel, ribbons, and a tree topper that complements your baubles. Happy decorating!

How to store Christmas baubles?

Storing your Xmas decorations correctly is essential to ensure they last for years to come. Proper storage not only protects these delicate decorations but also makes decorating your tree a breeze each holiday season. Start by investing in quality storage containers designed for delicate items like baubles. You can often find these containers at wholesale baubles suppliers or local retailers. These specialised containers come with individual compartments, preventing your baubles from knocking into each other and potentially shattering.
Before packing them away, take the time to wrap each of your glass tree baubles in tissue paper or bubble wrap to provide an extra layer of protection. Be sure to label each compartment or container to easily identify the contents for future use. When it comes to the actual storage space, choose a cool, dry, and dark location to prevent discolouration and damage from sunlight or extreme temperature changes. Basements, closets, or under-the-bed storage containers are ideal options.
By following these storage tips, you can ensure that your cherished Xmas baubles remain in pristine condition, and are ready to spread holiday cheer for many festive seasons to come.

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