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Wire Cutters - Wire Bolt Cutter NFS Black & Red (450mm 18)
Wire Bolt Cutter NFS Black & Red (450mm 18")
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Wire Cutters - Wire Cutter Pliers Blue Handle (15cm - 6)
Wire Cutter Pliers Blue Handle (15cm - 6")
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Wire Cutters - Wire Cutter Pliers Blue Handle (20cm - 8)
Wire Cutter Pliers Blue Handle (20cm - 8")
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Wire Cutters

Arranging flower bouquets and other such acts of Floristry means far more than just tossing a handful of flowers into a vase and calling it a day. There are many tools and accessories, such as wire cutters, that play a crucial role in keeping everything together and beautifully bundled; standard household scissors typically are not strong enough for the job, and even if they do make the cut, the chances of a clean finish are slim.

Florist wire cutters, in short and long nose configurations, are essential in every florists’ tool kit and can help make each flower arrangement a more manageable, convenient and simple process for you.

Heavy duty floral wire cutters are a must have tool, as they can not only help you create better, more secure floral wraps, but they can also help you cut artificial flower stems, making floral wire cutters a multipurpose tool with a comprehensive range of usages.

At Koch & Co, you can find the best flower wire cutters and cutting tools for your specific needs. Our wire cutter selection features cutting tools that can be used by any amateur and professional florist alike for all of their wire cutting needs. All our florist supplies are available at wholesale prices and can be shipped anywhere in Australia.

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