Wood Wool Shred

Use Wood Wool to support and protect your products, add design and character or simply to help top up your gift or hamper and fill up any empty gaps. The natural colour will add rustic charm, without detracting from the items it surrounds. The manufacture process is a 100% chemical free process.
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Wood Wool Shred - Wood Wool 10kg Bail approx (3mm Thick)
$85.09 ea
$75.64 ea buy 2 +
Stock arriving on 04-11-2020
inc GST
Wood Wool Shred - Wood Wool 1kg Bag (3mm Thick)
$16.73 ea
$14.87 ea buy 10 +
inc GST
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Clean high quality shreds are highly recommended for hampers and gifts, wine packaging and fresh produce. Accent your hampers with Shred, Vivid® Cello, Tissue paper and Signature® Ribbons from our fantastic collections.
Purchase your Wood Wool in bulk and at wholesale prices to get the best price.