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Classic white tealight candles are the perfect pieces to set the mood for your next special event. Popular as a party decoration, tea lights can be used on their own or inside small candle lanterns or terrariums. At Koch, we also stock a variety of crystal candle holders that are perfect for these little tea lights - we just love how charming they look!

Tea lights are great to use as a complement to larger votive candles, soy candles and pillar candles to create an eye-catching candle-lit feature. Set your candle collection on your dinner table, coffee table or mantle piece.

You can also place tealight candles inside some of our outdoor candle lanterns to create a beautiful outdoor feature. Try lining a garden path so your guests can follow the light trail to your entrance or placing a lantern on each of the tables set out at your party. Alternatively, try our LED candles or fairy lights for a flameless source of light that is perhaps a safer option for small children. For a more elegant look, you can even use our crystal candle holders to path the way!

Tealight candles are also great for DIY projects. Create stunning homemade centrepieces for your wedding or event, by placing tealights in unique coloured jars or even floating in a decorative vase. Complete with our selection of artificial flowers and some rose petals, and you’ve got yourself a romantic table setting that your wedding gets will love!

Our wholesale tealight candles are the cheapest in the country. Shop our extensive range of home decorations for more wholesale candles such as soy wax candles, today from Koch & Co.

If you need some help or want more information about product details, wholesale options or even just some styling tips - feel free to contact our friendly staff online today. And don’t forget! We deliver Australia-wide to metro cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney as well as most country areas.

Can tealight candles float?

Tealight candles can float in water, making them a common but stunning choice for decorations at weddings and other events. Tealights are lightweight and flat enough that they have no trouble remaining on top of the surface of the water. As long as the tealights have a flat bottom, they will float on top of the water. With a tealight candle set, you can float more than one at a time. Buying tealight candles in bulk will give you even more opportunity to decorate your dinner tables, side tables, shelves and beyond with one-of-a-kind, ethereal, and captivating decor.

How long do tealight candles burn?

Typical tealight candles are thought to be the equivalent of approximately 32 watts of power, though this depends on the wax that is used. Tealights burn at this brightness between three to five hours. Of course, this means that if your party or event goes on for longer than a few hours, you will need to keep adding new tealight candles. Conveniently, be extra prepared by buying tealight candles in bulk.

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