Natural Moss

Bring the outdoors in with stunning natural preserved moss from Koch & Co. Natural moss is the perfect addition to finish your floral arrangements and terrariums to create a fresh and organic decorative piece.
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Artificial Preserved Moss Bag Green (500gm Bag)
$11.82 ea
$9.38 ea buy 2 +
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Preserved Moss Mat Roll Green (45X122cm)
$76.42 ea
$60.68 ea buy 2 +
Stock arriving on 09-06-2017
The beauty of Natural moss is its versatility as a floral decor accessory and can be used for both the home and shop front. Natural moss will typically be used by florists and garden centres to dress up their product range and create a truly inviting workspace customers want to come back and visit.
Natural moss is extremely easy to use. It can bring your floral designs to life and is an easy accessory to use for a host of DIY inspired projects. At Koch & Co we offer both Spanish Moss and Reindeer Moss to cater to all types of plants, terrariums, floral arrangements and soil dressings.

We offer delivery to all major Australian cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Browse our extensive range of natural moss products today.