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Flower Water Phials

A great way to present single stems of flowers and keep them looking great for longer is with water phials. Water phials are plastic tubes with a rubber cap. They are filled with water then used to place on the base of a single flower stem to allow the flower a water source to keep drinking. Water phials are mainly used for fresh roses and orchids.


Our range of phials vary in height from 8cm to 15cm, coming in both clear and green.  They come in a range of shapes, with many coming in bulk.  Combine the phials with our Flospac® sachets, a complete flower life support system that ensures that your flowers will last longer.   To use the phials, you need to fill them with water and Flospac® sachets if you want them to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Then all you have to do is push the flower through the small hole in the top. They are a perfect solution for keeping single flowers fresh. Flospac® is a plastic sachet filled with water and is used as water phial. Flospac water phials are cost effective, time saving and mainly used for roses and orchids.


Our business first began in 1931 and it is now renowned as Australia's most trusted flower importer, distributer and wholesaler. We have the largest range in the country and can have our products delivered quickly to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, but we offer service across the country. At Koch & Co, we only stock high quality products.  We use our years of experience to make sure that we only import the best for our customers. Because we do it ourselves, we can offer our goods at wholesale prices to you. We distribute nationally, so you can buy our vials now. Keep your flowers in vials and keep them looking great.

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