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Flower Water Phials

A great way to present single stems of flowers and keep them looking great for longer is with water phials. Water phials are plastic tubes with a rubber cap. They are filled with water then used to place on the base of a single flower stem to allow the flower a water source to keep drinking. Water phials are mainly used for fresh roses and orchids.

Our range of phials vary in height from 8cm to 15cm, coming in both clear and green.  They come in a range of shapes, with many coming in bulk.  Combine the phials with our Flospac® sachets, a complete flower life support system that ensures that your flowers will last longer.   To use the phials, you need to fill them with water and Flospac® sachets if you want them to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Then all you have to do is push the flower through the small hole in the top. They are a perfect solution for keeping single flowers fresh. Flospac® is a plastic sachet filled with water and is used as water phial. Flospac water phials are cost effective, time saving and mainly used for roses and orchids.

Our business first began in 1931 and it is now renowned as Australia's most trusted flower importer, distributer and wholesaler. We have the largest range in the country and can have our products delivered quickly to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, but we offer service across the country. At Koch & Co, we only stock high quality products.  We use our years of experience to make sure that we only import the best for our customers. Because we do it ourselves, we can offer our goods at wholesale prices to you. We distribute nationally, so you can buy our vials now. Keep your flowers in vials and keep them looking great.

What is inside Flospac sachets?

Flospac sachets are prefilled with a mixture of filtered water and a small amount of flower-friendly Bacticide to help cut fresh flowers last longer. This fluid protects the fresh flower against dehydration, water, stress, and prolongs vase life by keeping the stems bacteria free.

How to use Flospac sachets?

The Flospac plastic sachets have a polyethylene foam seal across one side. To use the Flospac sachet, simply cut your flower stem end at a 45-degree angle and push the sharp point of the stem through the foam seal into the fluid. The foam seal hugs the stem of the flower preventing any leakage from happening.

What are Koch & Co’s flower water vials used for?

Flower water vials are small plastic cylinders shaped like a test tube that have a soft rubber cap. You can fill the tube with a solution of flower food and water to keep your cut flowers hydrated for longer, stop them from drooping, and keep them fresh during transport. Water vials are also used as a water reservoir for flowers that will be out of water for a reasonable amount of time. A common example of this is fresh flowers in wall displays or wedding arches. The vials can also be removed when a customer wishes to display their flowers in a flower vase.

How do you use Koch & Co’s flower vials?

Our flower vials are very easy to use in just 3 simple steps:

- Step 1: Using florist scissors, cut the end of your fresh flower stem at a 45-degree angle.
- Step 2: Remove the flower vial cap and fill two thirds of the tube with a solution of pre-mixed flower food and fresh clean water. After this is done, put the soft rubber cap back on the flower vial.
- Step 3: Push your flower stem end through the top of the cap. Most vials have a shaped flexible cap with a small hole that allows you to insert a stem easily without spilling any water, while at the same time containing the water. This cap should fit very snugly around the stem ensuring there is no water leakage.

Your flowers are now ready to use for packing and transport.

How much water do Koch & Co’s flower vials hold?

Vials are available in 8ml to 18ml capacities to accommodate all sizes and varieties of cut flowers. We recommend not overfilling your water vial as the flower stem also needs to fit in the tube and too much liquid this will cause overflow.

Why should I use Koch & Co’s flower vials?

The main reasons you should use a flower vial is to give a water source to a flower that will be put in a situation where it does not have access to water, will experience unusual temperatures, or harsh conditions. In warm weather, flower vials are incredibly useful because they allow you to arrange individual flowers in rose boxes or arrangements while preventing any dreaded day-end droop. They are also extremely useful during high-volume selling periods like Valentine’s Day, helping to maximise output while keeping the quality of your flowers intact. Other popular uses for flower vials including using them when selling single cut flowers, and when creating event flower displays like centrepieces or wedding arch arrangements. 

What are orchid vials?

Orchid vials have the same function as ordinary flower vials; however, they have a long plastic “stem” at the bottom of their tube. This artificial stem offers the florist an ideal solution when working with flowers that do not have long stems or when you need to extend the length of shorter flowers in an arrangement or display. They are often used with orchid flowers and short stem rose displays, hence the name orchid vial.

Why do orchid vials have a stem?

Since single orchid flowers don’t grow on long stems, orchid vials extend the orchid and make it a similar height to other flowers. This gives a florist the flexibility to place orchids in cut arrangements with ease.

Do I put flower food in my Koch & Co flower vial?

The water inside vials can, and typically should be, treated with a floral preservative to extend the life of your cut flowers even further. When selling cut flowers in a vial, consider adding value by giving customers single-serve packets of preservative so they can keep the flower beautiful once they’ve brought it home.

What is the difference between flower vials and phials?

Vials and phials are simply different spellings of the same word. Phial is an older spelling more common in Australia and the UK. Vial is a more modern spelling, used extensively in the US but also in Australia and around the world. Vials are also often called water tubes as well. Regardless of what they are called, vial, phials, and water tubes are exactly the same thing.

Can you reuse flower vials?

Yes, they can be reused. You can use them as many times as you want, as long as the rubber/plastic lid is still tight and doesn’t leak water. They should also be washed and cleaned between uses to stop bacteria from growing and damaging your next bunch of flowers. Reusing flower vials can be an eco-friendlier approach to event floristry.

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