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Bunny Soft Toys

Bunny rabbits are one of the most beloved animals by adults and children alike. With their cute, floppy, droopy ears, their soft fur and their sweet little noses, bunny rabbits make up a lot of a childhood's exposure to soft studded animals and stuffed toys. Most adults can even look back and recall that, among their own childhood stuffed toys, they also had a snuggly and cuddly stuffed bunny toy.

With this collection of bunny rabbit soft plush toys, you can give a baby gift that will leave your own kids or loved ones with the opportunity to have their own stuffed rabbit toys to remember.

We carry a variety of bunny plush toys, including more realistic looking ones with brown, white and gray fur to more whimsical and cartoonish varieties available in purple, blue and pink hues. Each stuffed bunny toy is fashioned out of high quality, super soft material that is gentle and safe for the skin.

They also come available to you at wholesale prices that make them more affordable and convenient to take home, anywhere in Australia. Browse our selection of rabbit soft toys today and pick out your little loved one's new favourite stuffed animal.

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