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Acrylic Rose Head Boxes - Acrylic Single Rose Head Display Box with Lid (9x9x15cmH)
Acrylic Single Rose Head Display Box with Lid (9x9x15cmH)
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Acrylic Rose Head Boxes - Acrylic Single Rose Display Bomboniere Box (9x9x9Hcm)
Acrylic Single Rose Display Bomboniere Box (9x9x9Hcm)
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Acetate & Acrylic Bomboniere Boxes

Acetate boxes are transparent, lightweight, and inexpensive plastic containers made from PVC, a type of clear, rigid plastic. These clear plastic boxes are commonly used for packaging and displaying various products, including corsages, buttonholes, confectioneries, cosmetics, gifts, and more. They are a multipurpose product, with applications in retail packaging, event decorations, and domestic use. 

Acetate Box Packaging For Your Event Needs

Acetate box packaging is a versatile packaging solution that works well for the storage and display of so many products, including food. The food-safe nature of our PVC clear acetate boxes is especially handy for event-related purposes, as they provide an inexpensive and convenient means for displaying sweet treats and party favour gifts. 

Premium Gift Packaging Available In Different Shapes & Sizes

At Koch & Co, we stock a large range of premium acetate gift boxes in an array of shapes and sizes. With everything from a round acetate box for a corsage to a rectangular box for a slice of take-home wedding cake, our range covers all bases. Each high quality,  transparent gift box is perfect for showcasing gifts and storing goods; keeping its contents safe from dust, moisture, and deterioration.

Delivering Clear Plastic Boxes Australia Wide

At Koch & Co, we are proud to deliver the vast majority of our goods, including packaging products Australia wide. As a major acetate boxes wholesale supplier, we offer a wide range of professional-grade acetate plastic boxes at bulk prices to both our trade and retail customers. 

What materials are acetate boxes made of?

Our range is made of clear rigid PVC. Our clear acetate box range is made of PVC because PVC is a fully recyclable product that has a longer shelf life and durability than traditional cellulose acetate. 

Are acetate boxes food safe and suitable for storing food items?

Our PVC acetate box range is food safe. This means that these boxes can be used to package and store foods safely. Please note that these boxes are not airtight, so they are better suited to short-term use as food gift packaging. Popular food-related uses include gifted clear acetate cake boxes for guests at weddings, or the use of a PVC clear plastic storage box filled with chocolates and biscuits as a gift. 

Can acetate boxes be used for products that require refrigeration?

Our range of PVC clear plastic storage boxes can be refrigerated, so long as the contents are suited to a refrigerated environment. For example, our products are often used for the packaging of corsages. For freshness, a finished corsage is often refrigerated in its acetate box in the lead-up to pick-up by the customer. 

The ability to refrigerate acetate boxes can be hugely convenient in the hosting of large events like weddings. You may wish to refrigerate pre-sliced cake in your acetate cake box, for example, before gifting to guests at an event. Pre-packaging cake in acetate boxes and refrigerating them saves time and effort on the day of the event. 

Are there any special care instructions for these boxes?

Yes, acetate boxes should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent warping or discolouration of this transparent box packaging. To preserve the glossy look of our PVC storage boxes, we also recommend avoiding contact with sharp objects that may scratch the surface. To prevent scratching when dusting or cleaning, take care to use a soft cloth and/or mild detergent if necessary.

Can acetate boxes be recycled?

Our range of PVC see through storage boxes is fully recyclable. Unlike other plastics such as polyethylene, the polymer chains in PVC remain intact when it is chopped up and remelted in the recycling process. This means PVC products like our boxes can be reused up to eight times with no loss of physical properties. 

We recommend reusing PVC storage boxes as much as possible in the home or workplace before recycling them through the appropriate channels.  

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