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Bridal Bouquet Pins

Get the bridal bouquet pins to match the perfect corsage. Whether it’s a decorative pin or a specific florist pin, the Koch & Co range of high-quality pins does the trick when it comes to securing bouquets and corsages. We offer a large range of corsage pins including diamond head silver pins, round pearl pins and teardrop pearl head pins, all in various colours and package options, including bulk packs. 

Our floral pins for bouquets have a wide variety of applications, but they are most commonly used in corsages, bouquets, arrangements, and boutonnieres. They are perfect for the bride-to-be or to add an accent to floral arrangements. Even though they are small, you will be amazed at what a tiny touch will do in securing your project. Each style of pin can also be used for table skirtings and backdrops.
If you have any questions, such as do we stock diamond corsage pins? Our friendly staff are here to help. If you want to create your own pin on corsages for wedding events, check out our Koch Blog for hundreds of unique ideas and tips to help inspire you.

We sell our products Australia-wide, with quick delivery to the major centres such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Each product is packed with care to ensure that it is delivered to you in perfect condition.

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