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Hanging Chalkboards

Hanging chalkboards are among the most versatile types of decor, especially when it comes to temporary events such as a wedding or birthday party. Wall hanging chalkboard signs can serve many purposes, including but not limited to welcoming guests to an event, offering them directions to their tables, displaying the time of certain events, telling them about the dinner menu and beyond. A wall hanging chalkboard can help you personalise your events and make them more comfortable, memorable and artistic looking all at once. 

At Koch & Co, we have hanging chalkboard Australia residents can enjoy during their next events. All of our framed hanging chalkboard options are fashioned out of premium materials that are durable enough to even be displayed outdoors under awnings without taking on damage. Because of the very nature of hanging chalkboard signs, they can be wiped down and then reused again and again, making them very economical. Pair that with the fact that Koch & Co offers wholesale hanging chalkboards and you will be saving plenty of money on these decorations from the jump. 

Koch & Co offers hanging chalkboard signs in various sizes and styles. You can choose smaller wall hanging chalkboards to hang in doorways, on tables to mark places and beyond. Our larger hanging chalkboard signs are great for use in a broader sense, such as telling guests where to go or what to expect. Browse our collection of hanging chalkboard signs today to find the one that is best for you.

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