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Picnic Baskets - Deluxe 4 Person Picnic Basket Brown (41x31x22cmH)
Deluxe 4 Person Picnic Basket Brown (41x31x22cmH)
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Picnic Baskets - Dome 4 Person Picnic Basket Brown (40x28x20cmH)
Dome 4 Person Picnic Basket Brown (40x28x20cmH)
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Picnic Baskets

Picnics are a picturesque way to spend time in the great outdoors with loved ones. Whether your picnic is social, romantic, or just a way to enjoy some ‘me time’, we have picnic baskets to suit your needs. At Koch & Co, our range includes both large and medium picnic baskets, along with all the accessories necessary for a comfortable picnic experience. But if it’s a cute picnic basket you’re after, we have a large range of mini woven picnic baskets that are perfect for a warm batch of scones or muffins. 

Beautiful Picnic Baskets For The Ultimate Picnic Set

If you need picnic hampers for two or more, at Koch & Co, we have the right picnic set for you. Our range consists of medium and large picnic basket varieties made of woven willow, and lined with fabric. Often kitted up with wine glasses, crockery, cutlery, wine bottle holders, and salt and pepper shakers, our amazing picnic baskets come with a host of features. Some of our picnic baskets have a built-in cooler bag compartment that keeps perishables fresh for longer. Alternatively, some of our picnic baskets come with a picnic blanket attached to the basket.

Gift A Picnic Hamper

A picnic hamper is a great gift for almost anyone. Not only a physical gift, a picnic hamper basket is also an experiential gift. A good gift for picnic hamper filling is often shelf-stable food and drinks, unless your hamper gift is designed to be immediately consumed. As a suggestion, these gift hampers often include treats like wine, crackers, preserved spreads, nuts, popcorn, and chocolate. 

High Quality Wicker Picnic Baskets From Brown To White Picnic Baskets

The best picnic basket is often one that is sturdy and easy to clean. A willow picnic basket can be a great choice as not only does it provide the iconic picnic basket look, but it’s also an ideal material for weaving baskets. Pliable, unlikely to split when bent, and easily manipulated into the shapes necessary for basket weaving, willow makes durable and classic-looking picnic baskets. A lined picnic basket is excellent at keeping crumbs and mess from getting stuck into the weave of your basket. For these reasons, at Koch & Co, our entire range is made from fabric-lined willow. Whether you’re after a white picnic basket or a brown one, we have the perfect strong willow basket for your picnicking plans. Shop our range of picnic baskets online and in-store at our Auburn Superstore. 

Trusted Brand For Picnic Baskets Australia

At Koch & Co, we are wholesale picnic basket suppliers who are proud to cater to professional picnic services, as well as members of the public. We stock everything from lined picnic baskets that come with all the bells and whistles included, to mini picnic baskets for a simple snack. At Koch & Co, we have empty picnic baskets to suit a variety of style preferences, in a range of sizes for every appetite. For guaranteed premium quality, shop our range of wholesale picnic baskets online and in-store at our Auburn, NSW Superstore. For those who are located too far to browse in person, we deliver our entire range of picnic baskets Australia wide. 

What are picnic baskets made of?

Picnic baskets can be made from any number of materials. Often, a vintage picnic basket will be what comes to mind when picturing a picnic basket. Woven and lined with gingham fabric, these baskets are traditionally wicker and rattan picnic baskets. And though a wicker picnic basket is classic, today’s marketplace features baskets that are made of a much broader range of materials. Whether you are after a classic rattan cane picnic basket or a compact foldable picnic basket, there is a basket for every taste. 

What to take on a picnic? 

Besides food and drinks, when planning for a picnic, these are some of the essentials:

  • Picnic basket (and a cooler of some variety if your picnic basket doesn’t come with a cooler section. This of course is dependent on the perishability of the food being packed). 
  • Alfresco picnic basket (usually comes with a waterproof backing, in the case of wet grass). 
  • Plates, spoons and forks (consider if these utensils are appropriate for the food to be eaten, and the types of people eating it. For example, metal utensils and ceramic plates for use by children eating fruit and sandwiches is not necessarily the best fit). 
  • Bottle openers and a corkscrew
  • Thermos and ice packs/ice
  • Trash bags
  • Napkins
  • Wipes and paper towels (to clean up major sources of mess and moisture before repacking the picnic basket. Taking care of your picnic basket in this way will help keep it clean and mould-free). 
What are some picnic basket ideas? 

A modern picnic basket can pose a multitude of possibilities for different people. What you pack in a picnic basket comes down to the kind of picnic you want to have. Below are a few ideas for things to pack in or with your basket for the ultimate picnic party:

  • A classic picnic of shelf-stable sandwiches, chips, and fruit.
  • A grazing type of picnic, complete with wine and antipasti like cheese, cured meats, olives, and figs.
  • Sausage sandwich picnic, to be prepared at outdoor facilities with access to a public BBQ range.  
  • Romantic picnic, with a surprise heart-shaped helium balloon packed inside. Suggestions for food and drinks include champagne, strawberries, melted chocolate, and churros. 
What to put in a picnic basket gift?

When packing a picnic gift basket, the inclusion of food is not essential. Picnic accessories can be the defining characteristic that make for a thoughtful and personalised picnic basket. When planning what to put in your picnic gift basket, consider whether you need a picnic basket for 2 or a picnic basket for 4 (or more). Also consider their tastes and interests when deciding what accessories to include. For example, think about whether they like to drink. In this case, they will appreciate a basket with wine storage that comes with wine glasses, a bottle opener and a corkscrew. 

How to clean a picnic basket?

When it comes to cleaning a picnic basket, the kind of materials your basket is made of matters. See below for instructions on cleaning woven vs. collapsible picnic baskets. 

  • When you need to clean a woven picnic basket, first be sure to empty out all crumbs and remove all big pieces of food. When your basket is empty of these things, clean the basket with a damp microfiber cloth. Focus on crevices in the basket weave, especially at the base of the basket. Allow to air dry completely before reusing or storing it. If your woven basket is lined with fabric, the same cleaning process applies. 
  • If yours is an insulated or collapsible picnic basket, it can be easiest to half-fill the basket with water and a touch of dishwashing detergent. Scrub and rinse. If your basket cannot contain water, wipe down with a cloth dipped in water and dishwashing detergent solution. Leave to dry completely (these baskets can often be hung on a washing line). For storage, it is advisable to leave a collapsible or fabric basket with the lid open, to minimise any microbial growth caused by residual moisture. 
Where to buy a picnic basket?

If you need to buy picnic basket supplies, at Koch & Co, we have a picnic basket for sale, catering to all tastes and needs. Whether you need a luxury picnic basket, or a simple woven basket with a handle, visit Koch & Co to find that picnic basket near me. Alternatively, shop online for a picnic basket to be delivered directly to you.

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