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Chalkboard Stakes

Chalkboard stakes make an excellent alternative to standard signs that constantly need changed out. When you work in a florist shop and have various plants and bouquets for sale, having them clearly marked is an easy way to help any potential customers distinguish between the various species and decide which ones they want to purchase.

Constantly printing out new labels to attach to various signs is not only environmentally unfriendly but is also time and money wasting. With a chalkboard stake sign, you can simply wipe away the old label and write in the new one, making it perfect for flower shops or even fresh fruit and vegetable displays that are constantly rotated.

At Koch & Co, you will find full sized chalkboard price stakes and mini chalkboard stakes to allow you to easily position them wherever they are needed. Each one of these blackboard price stakes is made from high quality material that allows them to be reusable time and time again with just a simple wipe of the old chalk markings, helping you save plenty of time and money in the long run. You can get these blackboard price display units at wholesale prices and enjoy convenient delivery of all your florist supplies Australia wide.

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