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DIY Decor & Floral Ideas

DIY Decor & Floral Ideas

Every occasion will be one to remember with table decorations from Koch. You’ve put effort into the venue, food, drinks, and guests: don’t disappoint with lacklustre decor. Instead, gather inspiration from our constantly updated board of ideas and take your party decoration ideas to the next level. With over a thousand inspirations for floristry, party, and home décor ideas, each recipe has been carefully curated to provide our customers with everything they need to make their vision a reality.

Craft the home of your dreams with our chic diy home décor inspirations, that combine classic charm and modern living. Create your own little oasis with our diy garden ideas that will show you how to make practical and on-trend designs for your space. Let your imagination run wild with our diy craft ideas that give you step-by-step instructions on gift-wrapping ideas for the holidays, diy party decorations for both kid's and adult birthday parties, and much more.

For extra tips and tricks for your diy projects, head to our Koch Blog where you can find hundreds of product resources and instructions to help your project come to life.


Koch Inspiration (KI) Skill Levels:

  • Beginner Skill Level:

    These projects require approximately 30min – 1hr of labour and a basic level of skill. When undertaking these designs, no formal level of experience is required. All you need to create these designs is the ability to re-create the inspiration photo and an eagerness to learn & experiment.
  • Intermediate Skill Level:

    These projects require approximately 1 – 2hrs of labour and a moderate level of skill. When undertaking these projects, it helps to have a familiarity with basic floristry and design principles but is not essential. At this level, we encourage creators to take inspiration from these designs and make them their own by experimenting with more advanced skills.
  • Advanced Skill Level:

    These projects require approximately 2 – 3hrs of labour and a competent level of skill. Undertaking these large arrangements and installations can involve various techniques, including layering, wiring, and floral manipulation. An eye for colour balance and aesthetics will help when creating these visually stunning and sophisticated designs.
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