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Acrylic Boxes

At Koch & Co, we have a range of acrylic boxes for all your gifting and storage purposes. Having a wedding, baby shower or birthday coming up? Impress your guests with our stunning acrylic boxes for your event decor and gifting needs. In need of bulk acrylic boxes as a florist shop? You’ve come to the number one destination for all your flower decor needs at wholesale prices. Our acrylic box products are also suitable to adorn around the home, like an acrylic display case with shelves for the storage and display of jewellery. Perfect for elevated gifting and home storage solutions, order our clear acrylic gift boxes today.

Showcase Your Flowers In A Beautiful Acrylic Box

Whether you need an acrylic box for a wedding or for Valentine’s Day gifting, a clear acrylic box is a great way to showcase flowers, especially preserved or artificial flowers. Each acrylic flower box in our range comes with a removable insert tray that has evenly-spaced holes designed to support flower stems. Using this tray, it is easy to make a preserved rose acrylic box gifting solution.

Clear Acrylic Boxes To Display Trinkets & Decorations

Our range of Acrylic Rose Head Display Boxes is not only designed for preserved roses acrylic box display. Our range of clear acrylic boxes is also ideal for the storage and display of any number of keepsakes, decorations and trinkets. Whether it’s jewellery, photos, your baby’s first booties and beanie, or a treasured collection, our range of acrylic boxes with lids keep your goods dust-free, helps you display them safely, and allows easy access to them if you want to remove them from their box.

Acrylic Boxes With Lids & Shelves

In need of an acrylic rose box with drawers? Our range of acrylic boxes comes in a range of sizes, with removable trays designed to support a varying number of flower stems. These boxes are versatile, and while each item in this range is an acrylic box with lid and tray, some also come with an acrylic drawer. Our smallest box in this range is a single preserved rose acrylic box, and our largest comfortably contains 25 rose heads.

Australia’s Reputable Provider Of Quality Acrylic Rose Boxes

At Koch & Co, our Acrylic Rose Head Display Boxes are premium quality and excellent value. As a supplier of acrylic boxes with lids wholesale-priced to industry professionals, our products are used by clients who know that an acrylic box with roses from Koch & Co is a premium product they can confidently on-sell. The same applies to retail customers shopping at Koch & Co for clear acrylic display boxes - extra discounts will apply for bulk purchases.

Is acrylic a plastic material?

Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic, and with exposure to heat, can be moulded into any number of shapes. Acrylic is also known as poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), acrylic glass, and by the trade names and brands Plexiglas, Lucite, Perspex, and more.
If you’re after an acrylic glass box, explore our range of acrylic boxes for flowers, which are available in a number of sizes, and suitable for multiple purposes - not just the display of flowers.

Does acrylic break easily?

Each see-through box made of acrylic is ideal for displaying beautiful objects designed to be seen. Acrylic is a great material for this product range because it mimics the properties of glass with some added benefits. Acrylic is stronger, more impact resistant, lighter, and shatter-proof, unlike glass. This makes our acrylic display boxes suitable for a wide range of recipients, and more modes of shipping. This also means that eternal roses in acrylic box products are a great way to showcase artificial or preserved flowers long term. Each see-through box keeps flowers away from dust, and other factors that would deteriorate them.

How do you open an acrylic box?

If you need an acrylic gift box with lid for easy packing of products or homewares, explore our range of acrylic flower boxes. This range also includes a style of acrylic gift box with a drawer, which allows for an additional layer of decoration and gifting.

How to decorate clear plastic storage boxes?

To decorate our range of acrylic rose boxes, there are a number of options. Explore our range of ribbons, scatter gems, confetti, rose petals, fairy lights, and more to decorate and fill your acrylic box. Whether you use this product as an acrylic flower display box or for something else entirely, this is a versatile and well-made product, suitable for a number of purposes.

How to arrange roses in a clear acrylic box?

Each box comes with a tray insert manufactured with evenly-spaced holes, which are designed to stabilise the stems of flowers. Fill the tray inserts with artificial roses, preserved rose heads or even lollipops! Our acrylic rose flower box range can fit as many as 25 standard rose heads. Our small acrylic box is a single rose acrylic box. It neatly accommodates a large rose head for a small gift that makes a big impact.
The tray inserts can be removed, which increases the internal space available. Use this space to create any kind of gift display, from a newborn baby gift box to a teddy bear display. Each acrylic box with lid product is food safe, transparent, and ideal for the display of beautiful goods.

How to clean acrylic boxes?

Your clear acrylic display box can discolour or scratch if not treated properly. When dusting or cleaning your acrylic rose box, we highly recommend the following:

  • Only use warm water.
  • Refrain from using solvents and cleaning products.
  • Only use a microfibre cloth.
  • Remove stubborn marks or sticky residue with pure isopropyl.
Where to buy an acrylic box?

Buy acrylic boxes wholesale from Koch & Co at our Auburn, NSW Superstore or online. Shop our range of cheap acrylic boxes whose quality you can trust. With further discounts for bulk purchases, order our clear acrylic boxes wholesale-priced. Shop with us for all the supplies you need to create preserved roses in acrylic box gifting solutions. Delivery available Australia wide.

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