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Dried & Preserved Roses - Preserved Austin Rose Head 21PCS White (2-3cmD)
Preserved Austin Rose Head 21PCS White (2-3cmD)
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Dried & Preserved Roses - Mini Diamond Shape Acrylic Box Clear (4.5cmH)
Mini Diamond Shape Acrylic Box Clear (4.5cmH)
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Dried & Preserved Roses

Roses are one of the most common flowers when it comes to gifting. Because of their romantic nature, they are often given between romantic partners as a sign of their everlasting love and devotion. Even though the gesture behind the gifting of a rose is to mark a desire to spend eternity with another person, roses do wilt, which might diminish the message. 

An everlasting rose helps to solve this problem. Everlasting roses are preserved roses, or dried roses, that are encased in a glass dome. These luxury everlasting rose dome displays make quite the statement, indeed making each one a promising everlasting love rose that can be cherished for a lifetime to come. Because the everlasting rose Beauty and the Beast connotation also makes them a great piece of decor for events or just to keep around the house. An everlasting rose in glass can easily stand alone as a centrepiece on a table, decor on a mantel or anywhere else that needs a little sprucing up. 

At Koch & Co, we offer these everlasting roses wholesale. Each everlasting rose in glass is of fine quality and is dried with care to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. When you buy preserved roses wholesale, you can decorate more than one table at once at an event and save plenty of money while doing so as well. An everlasting rose in glass also makes a nice gift to give your wedding guests as a romantic keepsake from your big day.

Buy your preserved roses from Koch & Co today and we will deliver them to your door Australia wide in no time! 

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