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Event Decorations

Event Decorations

Event decorations can be the key ingredient that transforms a gathering into an event. Whether your event is a Christening, a wedding or a party for your dog, at Koch & Co, we stock all the event decoration supplies you need to create the look you want. The key things to plan when considering event decor for any occasion include table and dining, lighting, information your guests need on the day (think table seating guide), and ornamental decorations (like balloons and flowers). Popular options include candles, which can be used for lighting, ambience, table decor, as well as bomboniere. At Koch & Co, our candles, like many of our event decorations and accessories, come available in a range of sizes, colours (and even scents) to cater to your event’s budget, theme, colour palette, and scale. 
As a powerhouse in wholesale event planning supplies, we offer further discounts for event decoration items bought in bulk. Save with Koch & Co as this translates to more for less on a huge range of party decorations. 

Quality Event Decor

As a leading supplier for event planners, we are known by event professionals for our reliable and extensive range of wholesale event decor supplies. Whether you’re a customer DIYing a special event, or an industry pro servicing back-to-back events, at Koch & Co, you can count on our products and our prices. We are an event decor shop that stocks a range of products that vary from floristry supplies to wedding wishing wells. From stately wedding arches to paper doilies, we cover all aspects of event decor, from big statement pieces to the fine details. 

Party Decorations For Any Occasion

At Koch & Co, we stock the party decorations you need to embellish any event, no matter the scale. Whether you’re having a backyard birthday party or an opulent wedding reception, you can find the decor you need at our wholesale event decorating shop. If you’re after event planning supplies for a wedding, see our range of everything from wedding backdrops to smaller essentials like cake stands, and so much more.

In Need Of A Theme For A Party? Be Inspired By Our Catalogue

If you are planning a party and are stuck for ideas on how to decorate, it can be helpful to have a theme. A theme for a party can include anything from a colour palette (for e.g, an all-white party à la ‘dîner en blanc’) to a cartoon (for e.g. Spider-Man). For inspiration, browse our Koch & Co Catalogues to see examples of how some of our products can be styled. For example, in our May lookbook, you can check out our wide range of pastel-coloured products, from dried and artificial flowers, glass and ceramic vases, bomboniere packaging, and cake stands. Coupled with other pastel products available in-store, such as balloon garlands and ribbons, decorating according to a theme doesn’t have to be complicated. Hot tip: when shopping online, use our ‘filters’ option to help narrow down search results according to your colour palette. 

The Perfect Decor For Birthday Parties, Weddings, Baby Showers, Christenings & More

If you’re decorating for a wedding, baby shower, or a Christening, at Koch & Co, we have party wholesale supplies suitable for every event type and scale. As a wholesaler to industry professionals, it’s important for us to stay across emerging party decor trends, as well as stock classic decorating supplies. For example, party backdrops used to be exclusive to wedding decorating. Nowadays, party backdrops decorated with balloon garlands, floral arrangements, and personalised acrylic signs are popular ways to decorate everything from birthdays to Baptisms. If decor for birthday party celebrations is what you’re after, we stock balloon garlands, balloon pumps, helium balloons, candy buffet jars, cake stands, party favour bags, and so much more in a range of colours to suit all themes and colour palettes.

Looking For Party Decorations Near Me?

For an in-store browsing experience, visit our Koch & Co Superstore in Auburn, NSW. If you don’t need a hands-on approach to your party decoration shopping, we also offer a click-and-collect option from our Huntingwood Head Office. Before you ask yourself, ‘why aren’t Koch & Co’s party decorations near me?’, for your convenience, we also deliver our extensive range of party decorations Sydney & Australia wide.

How to decorate an event?

Decorating an event can seem like a lot to take on but selecting a theme and colour palette is a good way to start. With some planning and research about available event decor for sale, you can streamline your decorating experience.
When decorating for an event, regardless of whether it’s a wedding or a 50th birthday, it’s always effective to create a key focal point. This focal point is usually where you centre the festivities, like the exchange of vows, or the display of the birthday cake. It’s usually the most photogenic spot at the event (a great backdrop for photos), and usually takes shape as a party backdrop or a wedding arch. These sorts of frames work well as the foundation for your event decorations, where you can truly unleash your creativity and explore your chosen theme and colour palette. For example, if your theme is ‘Pretty in Pink’, decorations on your party backdrop may include balloon garlands that feature pink, pink fabric covers/sashes, pink-centric floral arrangements, fairy lights, and an easel sign, acrylic sign, or neon light sign that says ‘Happy Birthday’.

What are some tips when decorating for a large event?

A large event space usually means a long list of guests, and necessary decorations. 

  • A lot of guests often means a lot of seating, and when it comes to event table decor, it can help to start with the essentials. Functional decorations (which are not just for aesthetic value) for table decor include items such as place card holders, charger plates, and napkin rings. When considering items like these, it can be helpful to stick to a common theme or finish, like polished gold. Avoiding a cluttered mishmash of styles, colours, and finishes will help tie your look together. 
  • Other popular table decorations include candles and floral arrangements. These sorts of event decoration accessories are purely aesthetic in nature but can be the decorating aspect that is the key to your event’s ambiance. Ambiance goes hand-in-hand with your theme, which could be something like a ‘romantic wedding’ with warm-toned roses and glowing candelabras.
  • When decorating a large event space, a key focal point like a backdrop frame or the main table display is always impactful. A decoration like this gives all your guests a ‘hub’ to gather at, and take photos and/or mingle. A feature frame backdrop for a ‘romantic wedding’ might include a round mesh backdrop draped with some chiffon. This can then be mounted with some warm-toned floral arrangements, and pillar candles in glass vases of different sizes, all clustered together at the base.
How to decorate a hall for a party?
  • To decorate a hall (like a scout or community hall) for a party, it can be helpful to start by looking at the layout of the venue. If your hall has a stage or a beautiful view, this spot is a natural location to make the focus of your party. This can be a great spot to place a backdrop with a balloon garland on it. 
  • Halls are generally a more casual kind of venue, so when choosing a theme, you might go for more playful and colourful options (like balloons) for party stuff. Since halls tend to have high ceilings, you could hang up zigzagging bunting, hanging paper decorations, or festoon fairy lighting to help build your theme and ambiance.
  • If you’re feeling particularly festive and have the ceiling space for it, consider a drop net of confetti or balloons for an unforgettable climax to your celebration. If your party goes on into the evening, when the sun goes down, you can keep the vibes going with novelty lighting, like a disco ball.
How to make table decorations for birthday parties?

Table decor for birthday party events can vary wildly, as the age and interests of the person being celebrated often dictate a colour palette and theme. 

  • Table decorations for children, for example, can involve plenty of colours, so party decorations can be a great opportunity to let your creative side loose. 
  • If your event is more on the casual side, dining necessities like table covers, paper napkins, straws, and tableware don’t only minimise mess and broken china, but they also function as table party decorations. They come in a huge range of colours, materials, and shapes to suit any theme. As an example, you can stick to a red, white, and gold ‘animal circus’ colour palette with products available at Koch & Co. Place card holders can be less formal in this context, so feel free to label water bottles, party favours, or party hats with guests’ names. Continuing this ‘animal circus’ theme, child-safe decorations that can be used as centrepieces include weighted helium balloons, and balloon animals or origami animals. 
  • As a finishing touch, party favour bags (available in red and white stripes, like a circus tent!) and party hats are something you can adorn your tables with that guests can enjoy as a take-home gift. 
How to decorate a garage for a party?

The garage can be one of the biggest spaces in a house, and as such, offers a great opportunity as an open area for a party.

  •  A great way to help transform your garage from a utility space into a party space is to set up a fabric-covered backdrop. A backdrop like this works to conceal the more utilitarian aspects of your garage, like shelves or a hot water system. It also creates a more welcoming space for your guests, as well as a blank canvas on which you can use party decorations to build your theme and colour palette. As an example, you could use a square backdrop covered with white fabric, a curtain of fairy lights, and then a layer of semi-sheer fabric. A backdrop like this transforms and brightens the room, thus adding to the party ambiance.
  • If your garage has an exposed ceiling or rafters, this can be a great opportunity to create ceiling event decorations. Festoon fairy lights are particularly effective, but other examples include bunting, paper lanterns, and helium balloons (or a combination of these).
  • Seating for eating can be optional at a casual kind of party, but if you’re hosting a sit-down in a confined space like a garage, long tables are a good way to fit more guests. When it comes to decorating tables, you can’t go wrong with crisp white tablecloths decorated with floral centrepieces to create a refined look. Floral centrepieces are a great way to develop your colour palette and theme. 
  • In a space like a garage (as opposed to a ballroom), space can be more limited. Therefore, we would recommend small and low-lying floral arrangements to help prevent a cluttered feeling. Flowers suited for low-lying arrangements should range from medium to large, such as Dahlias, to small clusters like Geraldton Wax. Very large flowers, such as the Bird Of Paradise can be top-heavy, and might throw a small, low arrangement out of balance. 
How to organise an outdoor event?

Outdoor events have such beautiful ambiance, natural lighting, and scenery that it’s no wonder they are so popular. Planning an outdoor event can take more work than an indoor event, but don’t be discouraged. At Koch & Co, we have event planning supplies, and some tips and tricks to help you out. 

  • When choosing your venue, if your preferred option doesn’t come with a kitchen/catering, speak with a caterer who has outdoor event experience. Discuss food safety equipment like food storage, propane gas, as well as power and water sources. When it comes to choosing the right event table decor for your outdoor event, choose charger plates, napkin rings, place card holders, placemats, and cake stands that suit your venue. For example, rattan look or mosaic charger plates and placemats, in addition to wooden napkin rings can work to echo the naturalistic setting of your event’s beautiful scenery, whether it is a coastal or a garden setting. 
  • When planning an outdoor event, you need to consider at what point inclement weather will move your event undercover. Marquees are a popular option for outdoor events, and are widely available for hire in a number of sizes and styles. Not only do they provide shade and keep guests dry from rain, but they also invite the outside scenery in. This way, your outdoor wedding can still feel outdoorsy if you have rough weather on the day.
  • Some venues will require that you clean up everything, and take all rubbish with you. Therefore, make sure to know what the expectations are, and have a bump-out plan in place. 
How to decorate a gazebo for a party?

Event decorations for marquees and gazebos have a lot in common. Whether you’re planning to use a smaller and more lightweight gazebo or going for a larger-scale marquee, both marry the best of indoor and outdoor venues. Furthermore, they are a great blank canvas for exploring a theme and colour palette. 

  • Lighting is an important aspect of event decorating not only for visibility of food, guests, and decorations, but also for ambiance. Examples of lighting options that are both beautiful and functional include fairy lights, chandeliers, candelabras, LED fairy light trees, illuminated paper lanterns, hanging candles, and pillar candles in glass vases. An example of a light source that helps create ambiance is a marquee ceiling covered in rows of fairy lights, especially if the roof is made of transparent plastic. Here, the warm yellow lights contrast with the night sky to produce a starry sky effect. 
  • Depending on the marquee, you can also hang decorations, like a trailing greenery of Ivy, Italian Ruscus, Amaranthus, and/or mock orange. To create a garland in this style, you can tie up evenly spaced bunches of your chosen greenery onto a piece of twine. This twine can then be cable tied onto the structure of your marquee. Simple arrangements like this serve not only as decorations but also help bring the natural outdoor scenery into the marquee. Alternatives to greenery can include party decorations, such as tassel garlands, Carnation garlands, and crocheted or macramé hanging features.
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