Multi Wick Candles

Multi-wick candles are a hot trend for aromatherapy, interior decorating, and candle making. At Koch & Co, we stock a wide range of the finest products, including our great assortment of multi wick candles. These large candles with their elegant wicks are perfect for a stand-alone decoration or as part of a more elaborate centrepiece. You can buy our multi wick candles online now, because we deliver across the country.
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Candle 3 Wick Pillar 80Hr White (15x7.5cmH)
$15.95 ea
$14.36 ea buy 2 +
Stock arriving on 27-03-2018
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Pillar Candle 3 Wick 160Hr White (15x14.5cmH)
$25.95 ea
$23.36 ea buy 2 +
ex GST
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Multi wick candles are a great alternative to more traditional styles. They provide a different appearance with several independent flames and they can look great when bunched amongst other kinds of candles like Pillar Candles, Soy Candles and LED tealights.  They look great as centrepieces or as decorations. Multi wick candles can add a sense of intimacy to your home as well as events. Koch & Co stock a wide range of products that are sure to make our customers happy.  Our multi wick candles come in several different designs. These include tall and short versions, each with three wicks. Bring some warm candlelight indoors with the Koch & Co multi wick candles.