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Artificial Christmas Trees

Needing a new Christmas tree for your home or office? At Koch & Co, we have the best artificial Christmas trees for sale this Holiday Season. We stock an extensive selection of artificial Christmas trees online, with something to suit all manner of homes and offices.

We have fake Christmas trees of every shape, size and colour, including small Christmas trees, white trees - all just waiting to be decorated with your own personal flair. Take a look at our range of hanging Christmas tree decorations and Christmas lights, and inspire your creativity today.

We know the Festive Season can be a hectic time of year, that’s why we make it easier for you to buy Christmas trees online. We make buying Christmas trees Australia wide easy with our national delivery and shipping. All of our small, medium and large artificial Christmas trees are made from premium materials that are sure to last you many a Christmas season. They're durable and well-made and guaranteed to add some extra festive cheer to your home.

Remember it's simply not Christmas without a Xmas tree. Take a look at the best artificial Christmas trees Australia has to offer and our range of Christmas decorations today. Our artificial Christmas trees make for a modern, colourful, and easy to manage alternative to real trees, so if you're shopping for Xmas trees online look no further than Koch & Co. Be sure to check out our wide range of Christmas ornaments and Christmas wreaths to deck out your home and office space at the lowest prices.

For all your artificial Christmas trees enquiries shop artificial trees online today or visit our helpful staff at our Koch & Co Auburn superstore.

Why buy an artificial Christmas tree?

Artificial Christmas trees are not only cost-effective, but they are better for the environment and also your overall safety. Artificial Christmas trees don't end up going into landfills every year like genuine trees do, taking up more space than we already do as humans. Since artificial trees last more than one season, using the same artificial tree cuts down on emissions that are caused by transporting the trees. Artificial Xmas trees are also made out of fire-retardant materials that will make them a much safer option for your home than highly flammable trees. These trees hold their shape more easily as well, ensuring that you can hang any type of Christmas tree decoration without the tree warping.

How to decorate a Christmas tree step by step?

You can buy the best artificial Christmas trees in-store or online at Koch & Co. When you have your chosen tree, decorating artificial Christmas trees like a professional is easy to do.

Follow the steps below to start decorating: 

  1. Get your artificial Xmas tree ready and gather up all the supplies you need. 
  2. Start at the top of the tree and work your way down. The top of the tree is often the most eye-catching, so spend the most time on it. 
  3. Add the garland to the tree, starting about 1/5th of the way down from the top of the tree. Use binding wire to attach this. 
  4. Put on any oversized decorations you may have. This gives the tree a more professional, designer look.
  5. Add filler decorations such as plain round baubles or tinsel. Put them deep inside the tree and leave just a little peek. 
  6. Add any additional ornaments you want to put on the tree.
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