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Flower Girl Basket

These beautiful baskets are a small but significant accessory in a wedding ceremony. It is usually carried by flower girls, who walk down the aisle before the bride, scattering flower petals. While the basket may seem like a simple and decorative item, it holds a rich history and symbolism that dates back many centuries and across various cultures. 

Gorgeous Flower Girl Baskets For An Incredible Wedding

Flower girl baskets can be made from a range of materials and take several shapes. Traditionally, flower girl baskets are made from willow or padded fabric, and can be decorated to further match a wedding’s style. For example, the addition of a satin bow or sash can help to match a flower girl’s basket to a more unique wedding colour palette. Similarly, small details like a wooden heart or embroidered design, featuring the initials of the bride and groom or the date of their marriage provide an effective means of personalising a flower basket’s design. At Koch & Co, we stock a wide range of baskets, and can deliver a flower girl basket Australia wide, direct to your door. 

Hazel, Oak, Willow & White Flower Girl Basket Designs

At Koch & Co, we have a wide range of light woven flower baskets that are suitable for the small hands of a flower girl. Whether you need a white flower girl basket or a hazel brown flat-based one, we have a range of shapes and colours suitable for this purpose. Decorate these baskets with fresh, preserved, and/or artificial flowers and greenery for an emphasis on the floral nature of the flower child’s role, as well as an opportunity to unify your theme and colour palette.

Australia Wide Shipping For High Quality Wedding Decorations

At Koch & Co, we are renowned wholesalers of wedding and event-related materials. As such, we are trusted by industry professionals to provide quality items at affordable prices. For cheap flower girl baskets that are well constructed, check out our website or visit us at our Auburn Superstore to see and feel our range for yourself. For added convenience, we deliver flower girl baskets Australia wide, in both commercial and domestic-use quantities. 

What is the role of the flower girl?

At a traditional western wedding, the flower girl has a simple and minor role, but it is one that the congregation generally looks forward to. The flower girl/child is responsible for the scattering of flower petals, and marking the entrance of the bridal party. They also accompany the ring bearer down the aisle, and usually warm up the congregation with their cuteness (and perhaps unruliness). Nowadays, not all venues allow the scattering of flower petals, so take care by checking with your venue before purchasing a flower girl basket. Once they reach the end of the aisle, the flower child sits with a guardian. Their role in the ceremony is fulfilled at this point, but they will likely be called upon to participate in a photo shoot. At the beginning of the reception, they may also be asked to take part when the wedding party makes their entrance. 

What is the difference between a bridesmaid and flower girl?

Nowadays, a bridesmaid is usually a close friend or relative of the bride. Traditionally, they identify as female, but there are no rules when it comes to this. The overall role of a bridesmaid is to lend support and assistance to a bride in the lead-up to, and on the day of her wedding. Traditionally, bridesmaids were exclusively eligible young women, but these days, we see people of all ages in the role of a bridesmaid.  

Contrastingly, a flower girl is the youngest person/s in the wedding party, and they lead the procession of the bridal party down the aisle during the ceremony. A flower girl can be as young as two, and is often accompanied by a young sibling or friend; to keep each other company, and attenuate any risk of stage fright when carrying posies or scattering petals from a flower girl basket. Furthermore, thanks to social media, we have seen the arrival of the ‘flower man’, whereby a grown man who is a friend or relative of the bride and/or groom scatters petals from their flower basket to a humorous effect. However, the tradition of the flower girl/child remains a popular one.

How many flower girls is too many?

As with choosing wedding party members, the process of choosing flower girls/children can be a choice complicated by diplomacy. Flower children tend to be very young, so it’s difficult not to hurt the feelings of any eligible child (or their parents) by excluding them in preference of others. As such, many weddings feature more than one flower child. The added benefits of having more than one flower child include a friend/s for company, as well as an increased likelihood that at least one child will make it down the aisle on the day. Be mindful to take heed of your budget when deciding on the number of flower children as expenses quickly mount when dressing a wedding party. Fortunately, at Koch & Co, we stock a range of cheap flower girl baskets. Check our range online or in-store today.  

Why do flower girls throw petals?

The tradition of scattering petals from a flower basket by a young girl before the entrance of a bride is a very old one, with origins in countries all over the world. It is said to symbolise fertility, good luck, and the beginning of a new life. 

In the cultures of ancient Romans and Egyptians, flower children would sprinkle seeds and herbs, paving the way for a fertile path ahead for the new couple. Likewise, in the Middle Ages, young girls bearing bundles of grain would walk ahead of the bride to the altar. In Elizabethan England, on the journey between the bride’s home and the church, wedding guests would scatter flower petals. Flower girls would be part of this procession, however not sprinkling petals, but bearing a ribbon-adorned, silver cup filled with petals or rosemary. Each girl would also carry a gilded rosemary branch. Alternatives included posies of rosemary, or posies of flowers and rosemary. The significance of rosemary in this time was a symbol of fidelity and friendship, and was highly valued for this rite of 

Today, the tradition of flower girls throwing petals remains a popular and charming part of many wedding ceremonies, creating a beautiful and fragrant pathway for the bride to follow. 

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