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Gable Boxes

Cupcakes and cookies are delicate and need special care when toting them around to give to others. Gable boxes are an excellent way for amateur and professional bakers alike to pack up their baked goods and send them off with customers and friends. Our gable boxes are a versatile product that can also be used for hampers, gifts, storage and more!

These boxes close easily at the top using tabs that secure the handles together, providing a sturdy handle to hold onto. Kraft gable boxes are also durable. The cardboard box gives the structure greater strength and integrity, keeping your goods inside from getting damaged. When you choose a gable box with a window option, you can also display your items on tables and shelves more easily, giving customers a peek at what is inside. This variety is especially beneficial at events such as baby showers, as they can be used as treat boxes or lunch box for your guests. 

At Koch & Co, we offer wholesale gable boxes for you to purchase. Our gable boxes bulk supplies come in a variety of colours, including brown Kraft, black and white gable boxes. Small and large gable boxes are available to best suit the needs of your products. Our gable boxes are also flat-packed boxes that are easy to store and assemble and come available at a competitive price. 

Shop our kraft gable boxes today and start preparing your next batch of baked goods or luxurious hampers.

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