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Spanish Moss

Spanish moss (tillandsia usneoides) is the perfect way to create a natural woodland appearance when decorating indoors, outdoors or for events.


Particularly popular for wedding decorations, our natural moss is ideal for creating lush wedding arbours. Use this moss in clusters for unique focal points, or spread it out for coverage of larger areas to create an ethereal or mysterious atmosphere for your next event.


Surprisingly, it is neither Spanish nor a moss. In fact, it’s a flowering plant commonly found hanging on tree branches and tree limbs in parts of Central America and deep South America and the United States. Typically, this moss is a plant that grows in large, beard-like masses. Spanish moss prefers high humidity and it can also grow yellow flowers, but these are rare. Spanish Moss is a favourite of florists as it can help maintain water and nutrient levels in floral arrangements and potted plants as a nesting material. Simply tuck the preserved moss into the base of your plant or fresh flowers arrangement to cover the dirt and create a clean, natural look.


Preserved moss, like Spanish moss or Reindeer Moss is easy to maintain; but we recommend using it in dry, open environments out of direct sunlight like glass terrariums for the best results. Coming in a variety of colours and a hanging thread-like appearance, Koch & Co’s range of moss has been cleaned and preserved to maintain its softness and look. Our Spanish Moss is longer lasting and doesn’t result in soil discolouring. Koch also offers a range of artificial moss and moss fillers to reimagine your decor. Buy Spanish moss at Koch & Co or explore our complete range of artificial plants and artifiicial flowers today. Remember, Koch & Co deliver Australia-wide including metros: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney as well as most country areas.

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