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Bamboo Sticks - Bamboo Sticks 6-8mm Pack 12 (60cm) Black
Bamboo Sticks 6-8mm Pack 12 (60cm) Black
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Bamboo Sticks - Bamboo Sticks 6-8mm Pack 12 (60cm) Natural Dried
Bamboo Sticks 6-8mm Pack 12 (60cm) Natural Dried
$2.92 buy 3+
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In Stock (Online)
Bamboo Sticks - Bamboo Sticks 8-10mm Pack 8 (90cm) Black
Bamboo Sticks 8-10mm Pack 8 (90cm) Black
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In Stock (Online)
Bamboo Sticks - Bamboo Sticks 8-10mm Pack 8 (90cm) Natural Dried
Bamboo Sticks 8-10mm Pack 8 (90cm) Natural Dried
$3.22 buy 3+
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In Stock (Online)
Bamboo Sticks - Bamboo Sticks 10-12mm Pack 5 (105cm) Natural Dried
Bamboo Sticks 10-12mm Pack 5 (105cm) Natural Dried
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Bamboo Sticks

Looking to buy bamboo poles? Where natural meets elegance, our selection includes large bamboo poles and bamboo sticks, perfect for various gardening and floristry products, as well as home decor.

Gorgeous Bamboo Poles For Your Home & Event Space

Enhance your home and event space with our stunning bamboo decorations. Whether you need online bamboo sticks for plants or bamboo stakes near me from our Auburn Superstore, discover our large selection of colours, lengths, and widths to suit your decor, gardening, and landscaping needs.

Premium Range From Black To Natural Dried Bamboo Sticks For Sale

Explore our premium range of dried bamboo poles for sale, featuring a variety of sizes and colours, from black to natural. Find the perfect thin or thick bamboo poles and other bamboo supplies for your gardening and floristry projects.

Fast Shipping For Bamboo Poles Australia Wide

In need of reliable bamboo pole suppliers near me? Experience fast shipping of high quality bamboo poles Australia wide. We also offer wholesale bamboo poles both online and to Sydneysiders at our Auburn Superstore. When seeking bamboo sticks for sale or bamboo stakes for sale, it’s worth exploring our range of competitively priced, professional-quality bamboo decorations.

How to decorate with bamboo sticks?
  • Statement Vases: Place tall bamboo sticks in a decorative vase to create an eye-catching centrepiece. Choose a vase that complements your decor style.
  • Table Centrepieces: Incorporate bamboo sticks into your table decor by placing them in a vase with flowers, or weaving them into a decorative runner. This adds a touch of nature to your dining experience.
  • Plant Supports: Utilise bamboo sticks as supports for indoor plants or small potted trees. This not only adds a decorative element but also provides practical support.
  • Lighting Accents: Wrap bamboo sticks around string lights or place them around lanterns to add warm, natural glow to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

Decorate with bamboo sticks to add an exotic touch and linear dimension to your floral arrangements, interior design, or outdoor landscaping. If you’re in need of a bamboo supplier, our Auburn, NSW Superstore is your one-stop shop to buy bamboo sticks or bamboo poles for sale near me. 

How to cut bamboo poles?
  1. Prepare materials: Vice/clamps, pencil, fine-toothed/bamboo saw, and sanding paper. 
  2. Measure and mark the desired length on the bamboo stick.
  3. Secure the bamboo pole in place, preferably with the help of a vice or clamps.
  4. Choose a fine-toothed saw or a bamboo-specific saw.
  5. Cut slowly and steadily along the marked line. Apply even pressure to prevent splintering.
  6. Sand the cut edge to remove splinters or roughness.
  7. Dispose of bamboo offcuts with care, as they can be sharp and hazardous.
How to bend bamboo sticks?
  1. Select desired height and variety of dried bamboo decorations. Tall bamboo sticks are easier to bend, as they have a greater capacity for gentle bending. 
  2. Prepare materials: Bucket of hot water, clamps, and bamboo sticks. 
  3. Soak bamboo decor in a large container of hot water. Ensure sticks remain fully submerged for 1-2 hours. Experiment with different soaking times for desired flexibility.
  4. Remove and slowly bend bamboo decor, one at a time, into the desired shape.
  5. Use clamps to hold them in place while drying.
  6. Be cautious not to over-soak or over-bend, as it may weaken the bamboo.
  7. For a quicker option, buy pre-bent bamboo sticks online.
How to stain bamboo poles?
  1. Prepare workspace: Only work in a well-ventilated space. Lay a drop cloth to protect surfaces from staining. 
  2. Prepare materials: Wood stain, brush, gloves, and a drop cloth.
  3. Clean the bamboo: Wipe down the bamboo poles to remove dirt or dust.
  4. Apply wood stain: Using a brush or cloth, evenly coat the bamboo decor with your chosen stain.
  5. Allow drying: Allow the stain to dry completely, usually for 24 hours.
  6. Repeat if necessary: Apply additional coats for a darker or more even colour.
  7. Seal (optional): Protect the finish with bamboo sealant for long-lasting decoration.
How to build trellis with bamboo sticks?
  1. Measure and plan: Determine the desired trellis height and width, and mark the spots for the bamboo poles in the area of soil designated for the trellis.
  2. Prepare materials: Long bamboo sticks for garden use, garden twine or wire, and shovel.
  3. Dig holes in the ground where you marked the spots, ensuring they are deep enough to stabilise the long bamboo poles.
  4. Place the bamboo decor in the holes, making sure they are securely anchored.
  5. Use garden twine or wire to attach and reinforce the bamboo sticks at the top, bottom, and middle for stability.
  6. Allow climbing plants to grow and twine around the trellis for support.
How to clean bamboo sticks?

Whether you have bamboo sticks for decoration or bamboo poles for garden use, cleaning them keeps them looking decorative, helps with longevity, and is important for preventing the spread of disease in your garden. 

  1. Prepare materials: Dry soft brush/cloth, mild soap, warm water, bucket, wet brush/cloth, damp cloth, and bamboo decor for washing. 
  2. Use a soft brush or cloth to gently remove surface dust and dirt.
  3. Mix mild soap and warm water in a bucket.
  4. Dip a cloth or sponge into the soapy water, and wipe down the length of the bamboo sticks.
  5. Wipe the bamboo with a damp cloth to remove soapy residue.
  6. Allow the bamboo decor to air dry completely before using them for decoration or in the garden.
  7. Repeat when necessary.
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