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Cold Glue - Floral Adhesive Cold Glue Tube Oasis - Clear 50ml
Floral Adhesive Cold Glue Tube Oasis - Clear 50ml
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Cold Glue

Flower arranging and the creation of floral bouquets is a hobby and a skill that requires a lot more know-how and understanding of design and colour theory than a person might realise. Whether you enjoy arranging silk and other types of artificial flowers into floral arrangements for weddings and other such events or just like to decorate your home with cute little bouquets, you need a good cold floral glue to get the job done.

Flower glue is a specific kind of glue that is best suited for use as glue for floral foam as it bonds more easily and securely to that kind of material. The right flower glue can be used with fresh flowers as well as artificial flowers as a tried and true, well-trusted alternative to flower wiring and taping, which is particularly beneficial for wrist corsages and other such floral arrangements.

At Koch & Co, you will find all kinds of artificial and fresh flower glue to choose from, including Oasis Cold Glue. Our flower glue collection will make gluing flowers of any kind a breeze, and by oredering your tape & glue with us, you can get your new batch of floral arrangements off to a solid start.

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