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Cellophane Bags - Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (6.5x11.5cmH)
Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (6.5x11.5cmH)
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Cellophane Bags - Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (7.5x14.5cmH)
Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (7.5x14.5cmH)
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Cellophane Bags - Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (10x18cmH)
Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (10x18cmH)
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Cellophane Bags - Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (12x17.5cmH)
Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (12x17.5cmH)
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Cellophane Bags - Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (15x30cmH)
Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (15x30cmH)
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Cellophane Bags - Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (16.5 x23.5cmH)
Cello Bag 48mic Pack 100 Clear (16.5 x23.5cmH)
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Bomboniere Packaging

The practice of giving bomboniere party favour gifts is steeped in tradition. Historically made up of small sweet treats in silver-plated boxes, bomboniere gifts and packaging have evolved to take any number of forms. Nowadays, there are so many versions of bomboniere packaging that they can be fashioned to match your event decor. The bomboniere packaging you choose can play a big part in how visually appealing and memorable your gifts are to your guests.
The two key aspects of bomboniere packaging to consider are:

  • Containers, such as bomboniere boxes, bags, or jars
  • Embellishment with creative elements like ribbons, tags, or personalised details

Wedding Bomboniere Ideas For Your Big Day

Bombonieres for weddings usually take the form of small homewares, trinkets, snacks, or sweets. Newlyweds will often use bomboniere as wedding table decorations. This dual purpose gives a sense of how entrenched bomboniere-giving is within the greater tradition of marriage. Some wedding bomboniere ideas include:

  • Personalised keychains, candles, or bottle openers engraved with the couple's monogram, wedding date, or wedding logo
  • Miniature succulents or potted plants
  • Small jars of honey, jam, or gourmet spices, oftentimes locally sourced
  • Miniature bottles of wine, champagne, or liquor bottles
  • Scented bath salts or handmade soaps
  • Individually wrapped chocolates or cookies with personalised labels or packaging
  • Personalised photo frames or magnets for guests to display cherished memories (e.g. photobooth photos taken at the wedding)

The style of bomboniere wedding gift packaging is often dainty or elegant, with tones of white, ivory, and black being popular choices. Your wedding bomboniere packaging can often be part of the keepsake to remind guests of your special day.

Memorable Christening Bomboniere & Baptism Bomboniere Ideas

The role of a christening bomboniere is similar to that of a wedding. Also known as a baptism bomboniere, this type of gift is given as a token of appreciation to guests that serve as a memento of the sacred event. Similarly to a holy communion bomboniere, a bomboniere christening gift will often carry religious symbols to represent the blessings bestowed upon the child, as well as to celebrate this milestone in their spiritual journey. 

Christening bomboniere ideas include:

  • Personalised baptism candles with the child's name and baptismal date
  • Miniature angel figurines or cross-shaped keychains
  • Small jars of holy water or blessed oils
  • Customised bookmarks with a religious quote or passage
  • Miniature rosary or prayer beads
  • Angel, dove, or cross-shaped cookies or chocolate
  • Miniature photo frames for guests to display a picture from the christening
  • Prayer cards with a relevant message or prayer

Delivering Gift Boxes, Baby Shower Table Decorations & More Australia Wide

Explore our collection of baby shower table decorations and gender reveal table decorations, which include table centrepiece stands, confetti, balloons, balloon weights, and themed party supplies. Set your buffet table with tiered cake stands, apothecary jars, wooden serving boards, and more. If you need baby shower party favours for your guests, we also supply baby shower bomboniere packaging in a variety of colours and shapes, including pearlescent pastel finishes.

When planning a baby shower or any event, enjoy the convenience of finding everything under one roof with Koch & Co. As a national leading supplier of gender reveal party decorations and gift supplies, we stock a wide range of event decor, gift boxes and bomboniere packaging. With a diverse selection of professional-grade quality at wholesale prices, simplify your baby shower and other event planning, and get your goods delivered with minimal fuss with Koch & Co.

What is a bomboniere?

Bombonieres are small gifts or ‘party favours’ given to guests at special events like weddings, baptisms, or holy communions. These gifts are designed to express gratitude to guests and commemorate the occasion. The most popular bomboniere ideas include filling decorative packaging with sweets, candles, or tea. They are often personalised or adorned with decorations that reflect the theme or style of the event.

What are some bomboniere packaging ideas?

When giving gifts for guests at a wedding, baptism or special occasion, the packaging can be just as meaningful as the gift itself. Some popular bomboniere packaging categories include:

  1. Gift boxes: Small, decorative bonbonniere boxes are available in various shapes and sizes. At Koch & Co, we have a wide variety of boxes available, including bonbon Christmas crackers, heart-shaped PVC window boxes, and more. Available in cardboard flatpack multipacks, or pre-made acrylic wedding favours gift boxes, our range of favour boxes is easy to use and personalise.
  2. Miniature jars: Fill small glass jars with candies or homemade preserves and seal them with a fabric or paper cover, secured with twine or a ribbon. Mason jars are a great alternative for slightly larger gifts.
  3. Organza bags: Sheer organza bags are available in an array of different colours and sizes. This reusable and inexpensive packaging solution serves as a way to also display your gifts.
  4. Personalised tins: Customise metal tins with engraved names, dates, or event details, and fill them with chocolates, biscuits, coffee, or tea.
  5. Themed containers: Incorporate the theme of your event by using unique containers like mini treasure chests, flower pots, or glass test tubes.
  6. Personalise your bomboniere packaging with gift tags or labels. Doing so also gives you the option to use your bombonieres as place name cards for seating at the reception.

Remember, whether you’re putting together memory boxes or gifting small bottles of bubbly with bows on them, your packaging should reflect your event's style and personality while enticing guests with its presentation.

How much confetti to put in a bomboniere?

When planning event favours, some opt to include confetti. They can function as insulation to protect the gift in a bomboniere box, or can be purely decorative and celebratory in effect. The amount of confetti to put in a bomboniere can vary depending on the size of the container and personal preference. Typically, a small handful of confetti is sufficient. You want to fill your memento boxes or bags with enough confetti to create a visually appealing look, but not so much that it becomes difficult to close or handle. Consider the size of your container, and the effect you’re seeking when deciding on the amount of confetti to use.

What to gift wedding guests?

When choosing wedding gifts for guests, wedding favours tend to fall into the following broad categories:

  • Personalised favours like engraved keychains, custom-made coasters, or tote bags with the names of the newlyweds
  • Edible treats like wrapped chocolates, jars of homemade jam, loose leaf teas, and gourmet coffee
  • Alcoholic drinks or bartending tools like miniature bottles of wine, champagne, artisanal spirits, and bottle openers
  • Small plants or succulents
  • Homewares, such as scented candles
What to put in baby shower gift bags for guests?

A baby shower party token can be a thoughtful way to thank guests for celebrating with your soon-to-be-extended family.

Ideas on what to put in gift bags include:

  • Miniature succulents or potted plants as a symbol of growth and new beginnings
  • Individually wrapped gourmet chocolates or cookies that have the baby’s name or the party theme featured on the packaging
  • Small photo frames or fridge magnets for guests to display photobooth photos from the baby shower in their home
  • Coloured sweets that match your colour palette, for e.g. marshmallows
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