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Wooden Ladder Shelf - Wooden Ladder Shelf 4 Tier Natural (50x50x156cmH)
Wooden Ladder Shelf 4 Tier Natural (50x50x156cmH)
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Wooden Ladder Shelf

Shelving units serve an initial purpose of giving you a place for storage of items you want to keep within easy access to you without having to rifle through drawers. While the original intent of a shelf or even a ladder shelf might be for storage, more and more, they are used as a wood display stand, plant stand and other unique home decoration accessories. A wooden ladder shelf brings about rustic charm to any space they are placed in, and including indoors or on your patio as a plant ladder.


In this collection of natural wood ladder shelf options, you can find the perfect plant shelf for your unique space, no matter if you keep and care for spiralling spider plants or small succulents. Each plant ladder is designed to display your plants in a beautiful and eye catching manner. Each plant ladder stand is also built to last out of high quality material that will serve your needs for years to come and comes finished in your choice of white or shades of brown colour, each of which can be decorated as you see fit.

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A ladder shelf usually comes with 3 or 4 tier shelves. Ladder shelves are either wall leaning or free standing depending on your choice. They are contemporary wooden shelves made from either wood or metal and can be finished as a contemporary or classical piece of furniture. Great places to display your ladder shelf are in your home office, bathroom, kitchen, laundry and even your TV lounge room. The most practical uses for the versatile ladder display shelf unit is to store books, towels, candles, decorations and much more.

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