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Dried & Preserved Ruscus Leaves - Preserved Dried Ruscus Bunch 50g White
Preserved Dried Ruscus Bunch 50g White
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Dried & Preserved Ruscus Leaves

As opposed to fresh flowers and plants, many people choose to go the route of dried and preserved flowers. Dried ruscus can help fill out your bouquet and do so without eventually wilting and coming apart, which is one of the draws of dried ruscus leaves and other preserved plants. Another appealing feature of preserved ruscus is that it is often cheaper than buying them fresh, so you can save money to put toward other aspects of your event. 

At Koch & Co, we offer a large number of dried Ruscus leaf for you to choose from. Our preserved Ruscus leaf options come in different varieties of shapes and colours as well. When shopping our preserved Ruscus leaves, you will find dried bleached ruscus as well as champagne, dusty pink, light pink, light purple, peach and white. With such a wide range of dried ruscus, you're sure to find the perfect bunch for your bouquet.

When creating a floral arrangement, the possibilities are endless. You can use any number of plants and flowers to create a one of a kind bouquet that is unlike any other that can be bought at a store and is, most importantly, tailored directly to your tastes and to the colour scheme of an event. If you want to make your bouquet totally different from the rest, you can choose to work with plants and flowers that are unique. Ruscus bunches and leaves are one way to do this, as they are not too commonly seen in commercial bouquets.

Buy your dried & preserved ruscus leaves from Koch & Co today and we will deliver them to your door Australia wide in no time! 

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