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Giant Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are an iconic toy that have been enjoyed by generations of children and adults alike. Soft and comforting, many remember a teddy as their favourite childhood toy. Giant teddy bears have all the comforting warmth of a traditional teddy bear, paired with the immense impact of their size. Perfect for immersive cuddling, a giant size teddy bear is a great way to give a gift that is also a friend.

Large Teddy Bears Leaving Lasting Impressions

Giving a large teddy as a gift is a gesture that leaves a lasting impression. Designed to have that ‘wow’ factor, our huge teddies make a great impact at the moment of gifting, in the memory of the recipient, and in photos of the occasion.
Great not only for impactful gifts, but also for decorating, our range of giant plush bears has multiple uses.
Perfect for party decor, a gigantic stuffed bear has a gigantic presence. Popular for use in decor for baby showers, first birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and marriage proposals; a giant plush bear can later serve as a memento of a very special day.
Also suitable for use in home decor, large teddies make great decor pieces for nurseries and children’s bedrooms. In terms of decorating, the classic addition of a giant bear stuffed animal in a child’s bedroom will give the child ‘someone’ to sit with to read a book, play a game, or even take a nap with. 

Colourful & Gigantic Teddy Bears

Starting from approximately 50cm tall, at Koch & Co, we have large teddy bears and gigantic teddy bears, which can measure as tall as over one metre!
Available in a range of colours and with a range of accessories such as bows and scarves, at Koch & Co, you can find the bear to suit the colour palette, occasion, and size you need.
Within our range of giant bears, we also have our range of coloured giant plush bears. Our giant blue teddy bear and big pink teddy bear ranges are popular choices for child and baby gifting.
For a more neutral-coloured gigantic teddy bear, most of our range is available in shades of brown, beige, white, and grey. These more neutral big teddies are suited to a range of events and occasions such as birthday gifts, competition prizes or Valentine’s Day gifts.

Big Teddy Bears For Any Occasion

At Koch & Co, we have an extensive range of big teddy bears, with a bear for every occasion.
Choose from our range of pink and blue giant teddy bears for girls’ and boys’ gifts and decor. These bears are popular choices for baby showers, gender reveal parties, first birthdays, and more.
Neutral bears are great for a wide variety of gifting purposes. Used to celebrate everything from Valentine’s Day to a comforting get-well gift, these bears are a versatile choice.
Some of our large teddies are decorated with red bows or scarves, which are great choices not only for Christmas, but also Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and spontaneous romantic gifting.

Delivering High Quality & Massive Teddy Bears Australia Wide

Our giant bears are super cuddly and made from high quality materials. At Koch & Co, we import our extensive range of soft toys, including our large stuffed bear range directly from our suppliers. This enables us to hand pick quality products, and pass the savings directly to our customers.

How to wrap a giant teddy bear?

Wrapping a giant bear can seem like a daunting task. In the guide below, we will outline how to beautifully present even the biggest teddy bear in a way that is easy to transport.

  1. Find a box that your giant bear can sit in. Consider how much of your bear you want the box to cover. If you’re creating a teddy bear hamper, choose a box that doesn’t conceal your teddy’s lap so that it can carry and display other gifts.
  2. Before sitting your bear in the box, line it with layers of tissue paper so that they decoratively hang over the edges. This helps to dress up what may be a large utilitarian box. Place your massive teddy bear in the tissue-lined box.
  3. Find a clear cello wrap that is wider than your box. Place a long length of cello under your box. This piece of cello should reach up and around the front and back of your box and bear. It should reach above the head of your bear. Gather the cello that sits above your bear’s head to secure the wrap, and tie with a ribbon or bow.
  4. You will notice that the front and back of your cello is secure, but the sides remain unsealed. Before you seal the open edges of the cello wrap, make sure your tissue paper is looking presentable. Reach through the open sides of your cello to tidy any crushed tissue paper.
  5. Seal the open sides of your cello by neatly tucking and taping the excess wrap beneath your box. Do this in the same way you would secure the edges of a gift with wrapping paper.
How to clean a giant teddy bear?

Unfortunately, cleaning a stuffed toy is not like cleaning an item of clothing. Simply tossing a bear into the washing machine is not an option, especially if you have a giant plush teddy bear to wash.
The two key factors affecting the washing of a soft toy are the risk of mould growth and the synthetic nature of the plush fur. If a toy’s stuffing gets too wet, especially the deep inner stuffing of a giant teddy bear, it is very difficult to dry, and as such, your bear can become a breeding ground for mould. In contrast, if your bear is exposed to a high temperature (i.e. from hot water or a steam cleaner), the synthetic plush fur can melt.
At Koch & Co, we advise cleaning a giant teddy bear by hand, using a mild detergent and small amounts of warm water - just enough to loosen the dirt on the bear’s fur, not enough to soak deep into the stuffing.

Before washing:

  • Vacuum your huge stuffed bear to remove as much dirt, dust, and mites as possible.
  • Place your bear on a tarp or plastic sheet, and sprinkle it with a layer of sifted baking soda or baking powder. Allow it to sit for at least an hour. This will help to neutralise odours, and loosen dirt. Vacuum to clean (for best results, vacuum with a brush attachment).


  • Prepare a small basin of warm water, and add a moderate amount of neutral detergent (such as silk or wool detergent) to it.
  • Source a small, soft-bristled cleaning brush (or a piece of clean white towel – this is particularly important if yours is a giant white teddy bear).
  • Using your brush or towel, scrub the surface of the toy in circles on the site of the stain/all around the body. Do this with care as this motion can break stitches.

To rinse:

  • Dampen a piece of clean white towel with water, and wipe down the teddy bear with the same circular motions. You may need to rinse more than once to remove all the detergent.

To dry:

  • Dry as soon as possible.
  • Avoid prolonged direct sunlight.
  • Refrain from using extreme heat.
Can you dry clean a giant teddy bear?

If you want to dry clean a teddy bear, whether it’s a traditional-sized teddy bear or a giant stuffed bear, you will need to check the care label of the bear. For the majority of soft toys, their plush fur will be made of fibres and synthetics such as rayon and nylon. As such, any exposure to heat in the dry cleaning process could result in your bear’s plush fur melting. We usually discourage the dry cleaning of large plush bears as this could end with a matted or sticky bear, which cannot be restored to its former softness.

Where to buy big teddy bears?

If you’re after a giant teddy bear near me, they can be difficult to find in retail stores. If you’re in the market for a big teddy bear, you can see our range of huge bears in person at our Koch & Co Superstore in Auburn, NSW. Alternatively, shop online to see our range, and get your big size teddy delivered to your door Australia wide.

How much does a big teddy bear cost?

Giant teddy bear price points vary depending on where you’re sourcing them from. As a wholesaler, our range of big teddies for sale covers a broad range of prices from less than $40 to over $150. In need of cheap giant teddy bears? We recommend purchasing our bears in bulk for those seeking a big teddy bear cheaply priced. As a wholesaler, we offer a decreased price on giant teddy bear purchases of more than two of the same bear. As noted, we also offer our giant teddy bear delivery nationwide for your convenience. 

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