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Cake Knives

Koch & Co offers an array of cake knives suitable for any type of event. Whether you require a simple cake knife for hosting guests at home or a wedding cake knife and server set for your big day, we have premium choices that provide exceptional value.

Stunning Wedding Cake Knife Sets

Have a wedding or special event coming up? From event decor, tableware to gift packaging, everything you need is here at Koch & Co. If you’re after a premium cake server set, we have a range of fine stainless steel and silver-plated cake knives. This collection is designed with intricate details and crafted to withstand the test of time, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal for your big event. Whether you’re after cake knives for everyday domestic use in the home, or a wedding cake knife and server of more elaborate design, at Koch & Co, we have the product for you.

Wedding Cake Server Sets With Gorgeous Designs

We understand the importance of a wedding day, and strive to offer only the best options to our customers. If you’re planning a wedding cake cutting ceremony, you’ll need a wedding cake slicer or cake server and knife. Here at Koch & Co, we have a wide range of cake server knife sets hand selected especially for this purpose. Choose from a variety of designs to complement the theme and style of your wedding. Furthermore, our stainless steel sets are made to last, ensuring that they can be used time and time again for future celebrations. Our robust stainless steel designs feature love hearts, gold finishes, diamantes, and antique or vintage-style details. Presented in elegant gift boxes to ensure they remain in pristine condition, each wedding cake knife set is perfectly suited to gift giving, and as a memento of your special day.

Trusted Australian Brand For Your Wedding Cake Cutter Needs

Koch & Co is a top provider for floral and event supplies in Australia. We ensure that all our products are dependable, cost effective, and attractive to our valued customers. Whether you require a serving knife or any other industry-specific item, we offer a vast collection of trusted products at wholesale prices that you’ll love.

What does cutting the cake at a wedding symbolise?

The tradition of cutting a wedding cake is steeped in symbolism, and some of which can seem outdated. The most relevant symbolism of this tradition is that the cutting of the cake symbolises the couple's first act as husband and wife. Apart from a cake, this tradition also necessitates a wedding cake knife and server set. A matching wedding knife and server are nice for photos of the couple as they cut their cake, and also serve as a keepsake of their wedding day.

When do you cut the cake at a wedding?

There is not a fixed point where tradition dictates when the cake must be cut at a wedding. The consensus seems to be that the cutting of the cake should take place when you already have your guests' attention. Anytime you have to interrupt your guests’ conversations, eating, or dancing; you interrupt the flow of the party. Take care to have as few of these interruptions as possible in order to keep the party vibes flowing. We recommend announcing the cutting of the cake directly after a speech or toast. *Koch tip: Time the cutting of the cake so that it takes place before the photographer is set to finish for the evening to ensure you get photos commemorating it.

How to announce cake cutting at a wedding reception?

How you announce the cutting of the cake depends on what immediately precedes this announcement. Most often, the cutting of the cake is announced by the newlyweds themselves after giving a ‘thank you’ speech or by the MC. When announcing the cutting of the cake, it’s important to give directions to your guests. Specify whether you want your guests congregating around the area where the cake will be cut or seated at their tables.

How do you cut a wedding cake?

Coordinating two sets of hands to wield a cake slicer to cut a piece of cake can be tricky, especially if champagne has been introduced to the mix. We recommend briefly discussing beforehand how you’re going to slice your cake. Couples often opt to make a small cut into their cake (particularly if it's a dummy cake). By contrast, some opt to cut a slice from the cake. If you plan to slice a piece of cake for you to feed to each other, the easiest method is usually the wedge option.
In such cases, we recommend that one newlywed stands behind the other, and they both place their hands onto the knife. How the cake is cut depends on what the cake is made of. Some cakes will slip, and the filling will spill out if you push down too much while cutting into it. For a sponge that is not too wet, cut an inch into the cake, and then slice down cleanly. Follow the same process to make a connecting cut for a wedge. Use the cake slicer to lift the wedge out and onto the plate.

What to serve with cake at a wedding?

Usually, if your reception is catered by a venue; dessert, coffee, and tea will be included as part of your package. This, in addition to a wedding cake is often more than enough as many guests will be busy drinking and dancing. However, for the sweet tooths who like to put out a spread, popular options include a dessert bar with petit fours on cake stands, and lolly bars with apothecary jars and lolly bags.

Can you freeze a wedding cake?

If you want to freeze your wedding cake, we recommend freezing a layer of a cake rather than a slice of it. Icing acts as a physical barrier that helps to protect your sponge from freezer burn. In short, the less sponge that is exposed to the air, the better.

  • Prepare your cake by removing decorations and toppers. Next, chill your cake. Chilling your cake will help to keep it intact while you wrap it for freezing.
  • Once chilled, wrap your cake tightly in several layers of plastic wrap. You may opt to use aluminium foil as an outer layer over the cling wrap, but don’t put it in direct contact with your cake. This will cause drying out, a.k.a. freezer burn.
  • To thaw the cake, remove all layers of wrapping, then allow it to defrost in the refrigerator. This allows the outer icing to remain firm, while the innermost part of the cake thaws.
What to engrave on wedding cake servers and knife sets?

A thoughtful wedding gift idea is to get the names of the newlyweds engraved on the cake server. As an alternative or additional option, engrave the wedding date on the long and narrow cake knife.

Where to buy a wedding cake knife set?

At Koch & Co, we have cake knives for every taste, ensuring we have the perfect product for your special occasion. Our collection includes intricately designed silver-plated cake slicers to server sets adorned with sparkling diamante handles. Explore our range in person at our Koch & Co Superstore in Auburn, NSW or shop online and get yours delivered Australia wide.

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