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UV Proof Greenery - UV Treated Hanging Plant Boxwood Green (34cmH)
UV Treated Hanging Plant Boxwood Green (34cmH)
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UV Proof Greenery - UV Treated Hanging Plant Ivy Green (35cmH)
UV Treated Hanging Plant Ivy Green (35cmH)
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UV Proof Greenery - UV Treated Forest Fern Spray Green (50cmH)
UV Treated Forest Fern Spray Green (50cmH)
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Outdoor Artificial Plants - UV Treated Potted Palm Tree Green (81cmH)
UV Treated Potted Palm Tree Green (81cmH)
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UV Proof Greenery - UV Treated Potted Fern Tree Green (99cmH)
UV Treated Potted Fern Tree Green (99cmH)
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Outdoor Artificial Plants

Enhance your garden with durable outdoor artificial plants. Crafted from UV-treated plastic, these lifelike creations are designed to effectively withstand the elements. Transform any exterior space with the best outdoor UV artificial plants, offering low-maintenance beauty all year round.

Realistic Fake Outdoor Plants For Your Home & Event Space

Elevate your home or event space with lifelike artificial outdoor plants. Our UV-treated fake garden plants thrive in any weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting beauty. Explore our selection of artificial potted plants outdoor, crafted with durable materials for low-maintenance elegance. Enjoy the charm of plastic outdoor plants with UV protection for enduring outdoor appeal.

Stunning Range From Small To Large Artificial Outdoor Plants

Discover our stunning range of fake outdoor plants, from small to large, perfect for any space. Elevate your decor with fake hanging plants outdoor or add a touch of exotic flair with fake bamboo plants for outdoors. All our UV protected artificial plants offer lasting beauty and resilience, enhancing any outdoor setting.

Fast, Australia-Wide Delivery For Artificial Outdoor Plants

Experience fast, Australia-wide delivery for outdoor fake plants from Koch & Co. Explore our online selection of outdoor artificial grass leafy walls and UV outdoor artificial plants and enjoy our home delivery service. Alternatively, visit us in-store at our Auburn, NSW Superstore for inspiration on how you can transform your outdoor space effortlessly with our range of artificial outdoor plants UV protected. Additionally, for all your outdoor artificial plants UV resistant needs, you can also shop via our Click & Collect service from our Koch & Co Huntingwood HQ. 

Do these plants look realistic?

Our UV resistant artificial plants, including outdoor artificial flowers, outdoor topiary plants, and artificial green walls outdoor panels, are crafted to mimic the natural beauty of real foliage. With meticulous attention to detail, they offer a lifelike appearance, enhancing outdoor spaces with enduring colour and realism.

Can artificial plants be used outdoors?

Our UV-treated range of faux outdoor plants, including artificial topiary plants for outdoors, are specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions. UV-treated artificial plants maintain their vibrant colours and durability, making them perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces with lasting beauty and minimal maintenance.

Are these artificial outdoor plants weather-resistant?

Our  UV artificial plants, including popular selections from our artificial trees outdoor collection, are crafted to withstand various weather conditions. These weather-resistant plants maintain their quality and appearance, ensuring long-lasting beauty in all exterior spaces, making them the perfect choice for your outdoor decor needs.

What are the benefits of using artificial outdoor plants?

Using artificial outdoor plants offers numerous benefits. 

  • They require minimal maintenance, ideal for busy lifestyles. 
  • This is especially true for plant-unfriendly spaces that receive limited or an excess of sun or shade. For example, balconies are a notoriously difficult place to propagate a garden. In such cases, artificial hanging plants outdoor and artificial plants balcony pieces allow you to add greenery to your space without the need for watering or optimal weather conditions. 
  • Large artificial outdoor trees, like artificial palm trees outdoor, can help to break up excessive sunlight in outdoor spaces without the risk of having their palm leaves singed by the sun.
What are the best artificial plants for outdoors?

For the best outdoor artificial greenery, consider:

  •  Australian outdoor living artificial grass walls for a lush, low-maintenance backdrop to your outdoor space. 
  • Potted fake plants for outside, including larger options like our fake palm trees outdoor pieces. These can provide a great sense of shade and proportion to your outdoor garden, for a fraction of the cost of installing a living large tree. 
Can I mix artificial outdoor plants with real plants in my garden?

Mix artificial outdoor plants with real living plants in your garden for a decreased gardening workload. 

  • Large artificial outdoor plants can shelter underlying real-life plants, providing consistent coverage year-round with their evergreen foliage.
  • Blend fake plants for outside with live foliage for a vibrant and diverse garden aesthetic. Utilise the evergreenery of artificial plants for outside in the autumn and winter to keep your garden colourful in periods where many living plants begin to lose their flowers and vibrancy. 
How to secure artificial plants in pots outdoors?

Planting outdoor artificial plants in pots is easy with a few tips:

  • Ensure pots have drainage holes to prevent water accumulation.
  • Use heavy rocks or gravel as a base for stability, especially when planting large or top-heavy topiary trees outdoor pieces.
  • Insert a sturdy stake into the pot and secure fake outdoor trees with zip ties or wire.
  • Cover the surface of the ‘soil’ with decorative rocks or mulch to conceal any mechanics and to add lifelike appeal.
How do I clean & maintain artificial outdoor plants?

Consider these helpful tips when cleaning your outdoor artificial plants: 

  • Regularly dust off leaves and petals with a soft brush or cloth.
  • Use a mild soap solution and water to gently wipe down surfaces.
  • Rinse outdoor fake grass greenery walls with a hose to remove debris.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.
  • Trim any loose threads or frayed edges to maintain fake outdoor plants that look real.
  • For large fake outdoor plants, consider using a leaf blower on a low setting for quick cleaning.
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