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Favour Decorations

Favour decorations can go a long way in making your bombonieres better-matched to the occasion or theme of your next important event. These carefully chosen adornments are more than embellishments; favour decorations are the artistic touches that can transform your tokens of appreciation into memorable keepsakes.

Popular methods for decorating bomboniere gift favours include:

Bomboniere packaging decorations can be the key that makes your bomboniere gift truly special. For example, a candle is simply a candle until decorated to become a bomboniere Christening candle. For wedding, baby shower, and Baptism bomboniere ideas and tips, explore our guide below.

Stunning Acrylic Charms For Your Baptism & Christening Bombonieres

Tie your bombonieres or bomboniere packaging to your event theme with the addition of an acrylic charm display. Available in a wide range of designs and styles, use simple acrylic charms and bomboniere decorations for favour decor solutions that add a personalised and meaningful touch to these gifts.

Whether it’s a delicate cross or a baby pacifier, a charm offers a quick and easy way to personalise your favour decorations.

Delivering Baby Shower Table Decorations Australia Wide

Enjoy convenient delivery from Koch & Co, offering a wide range of exquisite baby shower table decorations and supplies for Christening bomboniere Australia wide. Whether you need delicate baby shower bomboniere supplies, pastel-coloured balloons, tableware, and more, our selection caters to every style. With a commitment to quality, our bomboniere accessories are designed to make your event truly special, wherever you are in Australia.

1. What themes are popular for gender reveal parties?

Having a theme at a gender reveal party and matching baby party decorations can add excitement to the build-up to the reveal. 

Popular gender reveal party themes for your favour decorations include:

  • Team Pink vs. Team Blue
  • What Will It Bee? (Bee-themed)
  • Little Mister or Little Sister
  • Touchdowns or Tutus
  • Prince or Princess
  • Boots or Bows
  • Wheels or Heels
  • Lashes or Staches
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Bowties or Bows
2. What decorations are essential for a gender reveal party?

Gender parties often have some kind of play on pink and blue favour decorations. Essential gender reveal party decorations include:

  • Gender reveal banner
  • Pink and blue balloons
  • Gender reveal confetti
  • Table centrepieces in pink and blue
  • Gender reveal cake or cupcakes
  • Newborn ornaments in relevant colours, for e.g. blue or pink pacifiers or rattles
  • Voting board for guests to guess the gender
  • Streamers or backdrop in pink and blue
  • Baby shower party favours
3. How to decorate a Baptism party?

Decorating a Baptism celebration is usually an all-white affair, to show respect to the spiritual significance of this milestone. To decorate a Baptism party, here are some essentials:

  • Incorporate religious symbols, for e.g. crosses and doves
  • Set up a photo backdrop
  • Christening table decorations include white linens for tables, white candles, fresh flowers, soft-coloured balloons, or themed religious centrepieces
  • Personalise decorations and Christening bomboniere gifts with the child's name
  • Choose a colour scheme. Some prefer to have gendered colour decor as part of the baptismal decor. For example, popular Christening table decoration ideas boy-themed include baby blue ribbons on candles, baby blue table runners or flowers, baby blue sugared almonds, and more
4. How to decorate a baby shower table?

To decorate a baby shower or gender reveal party decorations tablescape:

  1. Choose a theme and colour scheme.
  2. Set up a centrepiece. Colour-coordinated balloons are a popular option.
  3. Place themed tableware, for e.g. table linen, plates, cups, and napkins.
  4. Use baby-related decorations, for e.g. pacifiers and rattles.
  5. Add name tags or place cards.
  6. Include favours for guests.
5. How to decorate Christening candles?

Christening candles are popular favour decorations, and are a culturally significant part of the baptismal process. To celebrate this, similarly decorated candles are often gifted as baptism bomboniere to guests. To decorate Christening candles:

  • Wrap with ribbon in the chosen colour scheme.
  • Attach a cross charm or pendant.
  • Decorate with the baby's name or date stickers.
  • Embellish with lace or ribbon bows.
  • Apply heat-transfer designs or decals.
  • Personalise with a quote or verse.
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