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Bomboniere Jars - Glass Mini Jar Twisted Stripes with Lid Clear (7.5Dx12cmH)
Glass Mini Jar Twisted Stripes with Lid Clear (7.5Dx12cmH)
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In Stock (Online)
Candle Jars - Glass Mini Jar Circles with Lid Clear (7.5Dx12cmH)
Glass Mini Jar Circles with Lid Clear (7.5Dx12cmH)
$1.93 buy 24+
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In Stock (Online)
Bomboniere Jars - Glass Candy Jar Mini with Lid Clear (7.5x12.5cmH)
Glass Candy Jar Mini with Lid Clear (7.5x12.5cmH)
$2.08 buy 12+
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In Stock (Online)
Bomboniere Jars

Bomboniere jars are glass jar gifts given at events such as weddings, baptisms, baby showers, and more. Glass bomboniere jars provide a means for simultaneously displaying and packaging bomboniere party favour gifts. Usually filled with sweet treats or small candles, they are given as part of a gift to show gratitude and hospitality to guests. Once the gift has been consumed by a recipient, these jars have the added benefit of being reusable in the home. 

Bomboniere Glass Jars For Your Wedding, Baby Shower & Festive Events

Our range of small glass jars with lids is ideal for use as packaging for party and wedding favours. Wedding bomboniere glass jars are small clear jars that provide a packaging option that elegantly displays small gifts to guests. Fill our bomboniere glass jars with sugared almonds, chocolates, and more for your next baby shower, baptism, or other special event. 

Showcase Your Trinkets & Sweets For Your Gift Packaging Needs

Our collection of small clear jars with lids offers a versatile gift packaging solution for small trinkets and sweet treats. These little sweet treat jars display their stored goods elegantly, which makes them a popular choice for lolly jar bomboniere or party favours. Finish yours off with a gift tag, ribbon, or custom-printed sticker for added polish. Ideal not only for use as gift jars, these jars can also work as tealight candle holders or refillable portioned candy jars - perfect for snacks in your office drawer!  

Delivering Wedding Bomboniere Glass Jars Australia Wide

At Koch & Co, we are proud to deliver the vast majority of our goods, including glass gift jars, Australia wide. As a major bomboniere jars wholesale supplier, we offer a wide range of professional-grade wedding bomboniere jars bulk-priced for both our trade and retail customers. 

What are some wedding decoration ideas that incorporate bomboniere jars?

There are a number of applications for clear small jars that provide simple, yet effective ways to decorate and gift at your wedding:

  • Table Centerpieces: Use bomboniere glass jars as bud vases. Display them nestled amongst larger glass vases for a staggered effect. 
  • Favours Station: Set up a display with a number of empty jars for guests to fill with favours of their choosing.
  • Hanging Decor: Hang jars with fairy lights in them in clusters or festoon strings. 
  • Candle Holders: Use jars as candle holders at your wedding celebration or give as candle holder bomboniere gifts. 
How to use bomboniere jars as centrepieces?

Small glass jars can be adapted to be used as table decorations when designing a centrepiece. 

Possible uses include: 

  • Fill jars with flowers that have small flower heads. Try inserting an ikebana flower frog to support top-heavy flowers. 
  • Use small glass jars as candleholders. Experiment with different candle widths and heights for a unique staggered effect. 
  • Fill glass jars with fairy lights.
  • Elevate some of your jars on table risers to add dimension to your centrepiece.
  • Place your jars on a mirror plate to bounce light, and add dimension to your display.
What are some baby shower decoration ideas that incorporate bomboniere jars?

When decorating for a baby shower, small glass jars provide an on-theme ‘mini’ way to present and package goods for your celebration. 

Examples include: 

  • Use bomboniere jars as table centrepieces filled with fresh flowers or baby-themed trinkets that match your colour palette. Try spray-painted baby’s breath for a classic flower that won’t be too heavy for your glass jar to support. 
  • Create a candy buffet of chocolates and lollies that match your colour palette. Supply jars for collecting treats. These jars can be refilled, and double as take-home party favours.
  • Personalise glass jars with the baby's name or the shower date as celebration favours. Alternatively, personalise jars with guests’ names to create name placeholders that double as take-home favour gifts. 
Are bomboniere jars eco-friendly and recyclable?

Our bomboniere glass jars are recyclable, reusable, and non-toxic. Glass is generally considered to be a more eco-friendly choice when it comes to packaging materials, but its production does involve significant energy and resources. To minimise the environmental impact of manufacturing and transporting glass, we recommend reusing bomboniere glass jars before disposing of them in your kerbside recycling bin. 

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