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Ethical & Environmental Policies


Koch & Co is dedicated to continuously make sure our products are safe to use and are manufactured under acceptable working conditions by suppliers.
We have a responsibility to our customers, our suppliers, the community and the environment.


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Ethical Sourcing Policy

We believe ethical sourcing is an important standard to peruse and uphold. Ethical sourcing requires Koch & Co to ensure the products we develop and source are manufactured in such a way that is safe for all employees and the environment.

· We have a dedicated buying team of suppliers who have established long-term supplier relationships.
· We visit and maintain regular contact and visits with our factories and suppliers.

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Labour Rights

We make sure our suppliers’ staff and internal staff are treated fairly and ethically under all circumstances. Safeguards on machinery must meet or exceed local laws and there is no discrimination in hiring.

· We encourage our supply chain partners to ensure their employees are treated fair and well.
· We assess our suppliers and ensure they provide safe and fair employment standards for their employees.
· There is no forced, bondage or involuntary labour, and no engaging in discrimination or inhuman practices.
· There is no child or illegal labour.
· There is fair pay for fair hours worked.

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Environmental and Social Responsibilities

We are committed to ensure our facilities comply with national and local environmental laws and regulations. We continuously take steps to improve our social responsibilities and environmental footprints, as well as develop environmentally friendly products.

· We recycle 6 cubic metres of cardboard and 2 cubic metres of soft plastic per week.
· We re-use 80% of all our cartons, over 100 per day.
· We utilise degradable and bio-degradable void fill packaging and purchase second hand cartons for our dispatch.
· When possible, we source environmentally friendly products. Our jute fabrics and wood ware products are made of raw organic
  materials, our plastic bowl and guards are made from recyclable materials, and our Kraft paper is biodegradable.

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What is Eco-friendly?

A product is eco-friendly if it can be reduced, reused and/or recycled.

· Reduce – Try not to use unnecessary packaging to reduce wasted resources. Try and reduce the impact on the
  environment by using organic raw materials.
· Reusable – Durable enough to be reused many times.
· Recyclable – Made from materials that can be recycled e.g. plastic or paper.

What do all the Environmental Terms mean?

· Renewable Source – Material that can be renewed naturally such wood, paper and leather.
· Biodegradable – Material that can be broken down back to its natural elements.
· Compostable – Breaks down in about 90 days.
· Degradable – Chemicals are added to the product to break it down into smaller recyclable pieces.


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