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Flower Trolley

Keeping and growing flowers, whether you intend to sell them by the batch from your nursery, turn them into bouquets in your florist shop or anything in between, ultimately take up a lot of space. With a flower trolley on wheels, you are free to push them around anywhere, including the front of the shop to catch the eye as people enter.

Having a dedicated space for your plants and fresh flowers to rest as they wait to be selected and purchased by customers can make their decision easier, giving them clearer access to them thanks to the ability to position them anywhere in the store or nursery.

Also just known as a plant trolley, a flower trolley will give you plenty of shelving space to place your plant pot and flower vase varieties. Throughout the flower pot trolley options at Koch & Co, you will surely find a flower trolley for sale that meets the specific needs of your florist shop or nursery. In this category, you'll find trolley flower cart varieties that are all heavy duty with a strong and sturdy design that makes them ideal for use in a florist shop. We offer high quality plant trolley and other merchandising display options at wholesale prices with shipping all across Australia.

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