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Spray Adhesive

No matter what sort of DIY projects you like to take on, having high strength multipurpose spray adhesive to ensure everything comes together as it should is going to be a necessary aspect of your crafting supply collection. With the right spray glue, you can create strong bonds that are permanent, reliable and dries clear so it doesn't get in the way of the appearance of your finished product.

Adhesive glue spray is fast drying and can be used and is safe for fresh flowers and foliage and silk flowers as a floral adhesive spray. Flower glue spray also doubles as a spray glue that can be used on many surfaces and materials including cork, cardboard, chipboard, Styrofoam, wicker, glass, pottery, papier mache, ribbon, ceramics, fabrics and wood—truly making spray can adhesive universally perfect for all sorts of craft and other projects.

In this collection of adhesive spray glue, you'll find a wide range of pressure sensitive glue in cylinder cans that will make bonding and gluing jobs in your project easier than ever, no matter what materials you might be using. Shop our collection of adhesive glue spray here at Koch & Co or browse our wider range of tape & glue for your specific needs today.



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