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Koch & Co are the experts when it comes to wholesale candles and soy candles. With a range of styles to choose from, you can’t go past Koch & Co for all your candle supplies. We stock a wide range of scented candles, votives, tealights, and everything in between.

Looking to decorate your wedding reception or a special event? Koch & Co’s tealights and votives are absolutely perfect. You can use them to add a soft light to tables, or use them to decorate a walkway! Plus, at wholesale prices, what’s not to love? If you love having lights and welcoming fragrances around your home or store, a candle or reed diffuser is definitely what you need. Choose from vanilla, rose, caramel apple, jasmine and even more scents online at Koch & Co. Whichever candle you choose, you’re bound to have people asking what that wonderful smell is!

Planning a dinner party? Create a unique and eye-catching spread with candelabras, artificial flowers, battery candles and more. You can also use candle plates & mirrors to create a centrepiece. Not to mention, if you have an outdoor space - you can decorate it with tea lights in lanterns and fairy lights. No matter the occasion, candles add a romantic and whimsical touch.

Our scented and unscented candles are high quality and slow burning, so you can enjoy them for longer. Teamed with our beautiful candle holders, terrariums, mirrors and lanterns, our votives are bound to light up any room! Need some inspiration for decorating your space, or want to do a little DIY? Check out Koch & Co’s blog - it has everything you need and tips on how to use the candles Australia loves!

If you’re looking for an elegant addition to your home decor, we’re certain you’ll find what you’re looking for amongst our range - the most beautiful candles Australia has to offer! You will find every sort of tealights and fairy lights you will ever need! Shop Koch & Co’s wide range of candles online today and find the perfect addition to your home or event today.

Remember: We deliver our candles Australia-wide including metros: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney as well as most country areas.

What are candles made of?

Cheap candles are not made of good-quality wax. At Koch & Co, our premium candles are made from several types of wax and combinations depending on the function of the candle. The most common waxes include Paraffin Wax, Palm Wax, and Vegetable Wax. We also have an exclusive line of scented KERI Candles that are made of organic biodegradable soy wax.

How to remove candle wax?

To remove wax from your candle jars, while the remaining wax is still warm (not hot), wipe out as much of the wax as you can. Then soak the jar in warm soapy water; very hot water may make the jar crack. Hand wash the candle jar with washing detergent. Repeat the process until your jars are clean and free of wax. If you have any stubborn wax on the side of the jar, you can use a butter knife to gently scrape off the wax. If you want to remove wax from a wooden surface, firstly place a bag of ice on the area for no longer than one minute. When the wax becomes stiff, get a plastic knife, and gently scrape off the wax. When the area is clean, wipe the surface with a clean cloth to remove any remaining residue. If you want to remove candle wax from fabric, first wait until the wax is completely dry and then try removing as much wax as you can with a plastic butter knife. To remove any oil residue from the fabric, get a brown paper bag, or blotting paper and put it over the wax stain. Then get your iron and rub it over the paper so that the oil transfers to the paper. After this, wash the fabric in your washing machine or by hand.

Should you trim the wick of a new candle?

When you get a new candle, the wick will most likely be a bit longer than is necessary. Before your first burn, you should trim the wick of the candle so that it is 6-10mm long. By doing this you will prevent mushrooming of the candle wick. A good habit for candle care is to trim your candle wick after every burn. Do not trim the wick too much as a short wick will create smoke and uneven burning of your candle.

How to decorate a table with candles?

Candles on a table can create a mood of romance, calm, or add to a festive occasion. There are countless ways to decorate your table with candles for a wedding or special event, but using candles, stones, sand, and glass vases is one of our favourites. These are four very different materials that work well together. Simply select a few glass vases or jars and place pillar candles inside them. Then add some vase fillers around the candle, such as sand, pebbles, or decorative stones. To finish, place the glass jars down the centre of your event table.

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