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Helium Tanks

Balloons are a cornerstone of event decorating, and helium balloons are something we all have fond memories of, particularly as children. Invoke whimsy and nostalgia at your next event with Koch & Co’s range of easy-to-use helium tank kits. With a variety of helium tanks in different sizes, balloons in every shape and colour you could imagine, and a whole lot of accessories to really up your ballooning game, at Koch & Co, we have all the tools and accessories you’ll need to make your balloons really pop. 
If you have a specific theme, colour palette, or event, we have a balloon to suit your needs. From large foil number balloons for a 50th, heart-shaped anniversary balloons, pastel-coloured latex balloons, and transparent bubble balloons that you can use to have a balloon within a balloon, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Koch & Co, and helium tanks and balloons.


In Need Of A Helium Balloon Tank?

Do you need a helium balloon tank for your next event? It’s a common misconception that helium balloon tanks can be heavy and difficult to operate. At Koch & Co, we have an easy-to-use range of affordable helium balloon kits. Our kits come with a helium gas cylinder, a balloon nozzle, colourful latex balloons, and curling ribbon. All of our lightweight small helium tanks come filled with globally certified 99.99% helium gas. As a helium tank supplier who sells to retailers and events professionals, at Koch & Co, our prices are competitive, so we recommend exploring our range if you’re looking for a helium tank wholesale.

High Quality & Reliable Balloon Helium Tanks

Koch & Co’s helium tanks are lightweight and portable, giving you the option to fill balloons on-site at your venue. Our high quality helium tanks are preferred by the events and retail industry professionals, who use our products regularly for event decorating and gift-giving solutions. Koch & Co’s helium tanks are compatible with our whole balloon range, including both latex and foil. If you’re looking to buy helium tank supplies, Koch & Co’s helium tanks are tried and true, and are available in a range of sizes that cater from small events that need fewer than 20 balloons, to large events that need up to 50 balloons.

Helium Balloon Kits For Your Next Event

If you need helium balloons for your next event, Koch & Co’s 7L and 13L helium balloon tanks are available as helium tank kits, which are bundled with either rainbow or pastel balloons, curling ribbon, and an inflating nozzle. These helium kits are a great introduction to helium balloon inflation, and make for a convenient and economical way to decorate your event. 
If your event has a more specific theme or colour palette than the colours of balloons that come with our helium tank kits, we stock an extensive range of latex balloons (both standard and helium grade varieties), as well as foil and bubble balloons. Across these varieties, all of which are compatible with our helium gas tanks, you’ll find a massive range of colours and shapes, with something to suit every occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a new baby, a milestone birthday, or an anniversary, we have balloons to suit your event. 
Once you’ve selected the type of balloon/s in the colours and shapes your event needs, at Koch & Co, we have curling ribbon in a wide range of colours to match. Curling ribbon is the traditional way to secure helium balloons not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for practical reasons. Heavier ribbons can weigh down helium balloons, which can harm the ‘float’ of the balloon. If measuring out pieces of ribbon is not for you, check out our convenient range of pre-cut balloon ribbons that come with balloon clips. 
Where there are helium balloons, there are helium balloons that float away from us, so at Koch and Co, we also stock a range of balloon weights. These can be useful not only during your event but also in the process of inflating and transporting your balloons to your event. 
If you’re looking for a more personalised touch, our new range of balloon stickers might be for you. Available in a series of fonts and messages like ‘Congratulations!’, our stickers also come available in alphabet and number sets, so you can spell out any message you like! Our balloon stickers are best suited to our range of clear bubble balloons and balloons with a wider surface than a standard balloon. This includes our range of foil and latex balloons. 
Confetti and balloons are firm friends in the decorating world, and it’s easier to stuff your balloon with balloon confetti than you might think. With a confetti balloon opener, you can easily stretch your balloon’s opening enough to stuff a festive handful of confetti. Whether the confetti is supposed to be seen through a transparent bubble balloon or seen only when the balloon is popped (think gender reveal party), there are so many things you can do with balloons at Koch & Co.

Buy Helium Tanks From A Trusted Australian Brand

Koch & Co is an Australian-owned brand, and we source only the best quality helium tanks, helium balloons, and balloon accessories. Our balloon tanks are filled with globally certified 99.99% compressed helium gas, and have been comprehensively tested to be approved for domestic use. Our helium balloon tanks come with thorough safety information so that you can feel reassured that you can safely use this product.

How to blow up a balloon with a helium tank?
  1. Make sure there are no children in your workspace. 
  2. Fasten your helium tank to a secure support in an upright position. 
  3. Remove the rubber tip cap and attach the balloon nozzle.
  4. Open the tank valve by rotating the handle anti-clockwise.
  5. Slide the neck of the balloon over the balloon nozzle.
  6. Lift the balloon nozzle upwards to release the gas and fill the balloon.
  7. Inflate the balloon to the recommended size. Do not overfill the balloon or it may burst.
  8. Remove the inflated balloon from the nozzle and knot or clip the end of the balloon to secure it. Please take caution as the balloon might fly away. To prevent this from happening, we recommend immediately tying a ribbon onto your balloon and attaching the other end of the ribbon to an anchor, like a balloon weight. 
  9. After use, close the tank valve by rotating the handle clockwise. Ensure the tank valve is tightly closed when not in use.
  10. Watch our instructional video on how to use helium tanks.
How many balloons can a helium tank fill?

At Koch & Co, we have three sizes of helium canisters available, each with a different yield. When calculating what size tank you need, consider which type of balloon you will be using and how many you will need to fill. 
At Koch & Co, we stock four key types of balloons. Standard latex balloons can be filled with helium but will not float on a string in the same way a helium latex balloon will. Helium-grade latex balloons are designed for helium inflation with a longer float time than the standard latex variety. Our foil balloons are non-plastic balloons that are available in a wide variety of novelty shapes. A foil balloon inflated with helium will float for 1-4 weeks depending on the balloon size and environment. Plastic “bubble” balloons are see-through, stretchy plastic. These balloons are the longest-lasting of our range, with a lifespan of 3-4 weeks. Inflating these balloons requires a little more know-how, with the process involving stretching, stuffing, and Koch & Co’s heat sealer
See our guide below to assess which size of helium tank you will need for your event. Please note that inflation quantities can vary depending on temperature and whether the balloons have been under or over-inflated.
Our 7L helium tank fills:

  • 9” latex balloons = Up to 27-36 balloons, 6-8hrs float time
  • 12” latex balloons = Up to 14-16 balloons, 6-8hrs float time
  • 18” foil balloons = Up to 14-16 balloons, 3-5 days float time

Our 13L helium tank fills:

  • 9” latex balloons = Up to 47-50 balloons, 6-8hrs float time
  • 12” latex Balloons = Up to 25-27 balloons, 6-8hrs float time
  • 18” foil balloons = Up to 25-27 balloons, 3-5 days float time

Our 22.4L helium tank fills:

  • 9” latex balloons = Up to 87-90 balloons, 6-8hrs float time
  • 12” latex balloons = Up to 44-46 balloons, 6-8hrs float time
  • 18” foil balloons = Up to 44-46 balloons, 3-5 days float time

If you need your balloons to float for longer than six to eight hours, consider using Koch & Co's TOP Float. Our TOP Float is a balloon booster treatment gel that is non-toxic and biodegradable. Adding this gel to balloons before inflation can extend float time to last between ten and fifteen days.

How to check how much helium is in a tank?

To check how much helium is left in your helium tank after it’s been opened, make sure your inflator is attached. Never use your helium tank before fitting an inflator. Once the inflator is connected, open the green valve slowly and turn counter-clockwise four full times. Push down on the black inflator nozzle and listen for the “pssh” sound of helium releasing. If you don’t hear helium being released, the tank is empty. We’d recommend keeping track of how many balloons you’ve inflated so far to help you estimate how many more you might expect to fill with your remaining helium.

How long does a helium tank last?

Koch & Co’s sealed helium balloon pumps and tanks can be stored for 1-2 years. Once opened, the tank should be used within 6 months. Each time you use your helium tank, take care to close the cylinder valve tightly and store it upright in a cool space, away from children.

Can you get a helium tank refilled?

Koch & Co’s balloon helium tanks are designed for single-use and as such cannot be refilled. Attempting to refill our tanks is extremely dangerous and not recommended under any circumstances. Because they are single use, this means our helium tanks are less expensive to purchase, as well as more lightweight and thus easy to handle.

Are helium tanks dangerous?

Although cleared under Australian safety standards, helium tanks can still be dangerous if not used or stored properly. Helium tanks are pressurised so it’s important to never expose your helium tank to extreme heat (over 54 degrees celsius), and never use a tank that may be damaged. If you suspect damage, under no circumstances should you ever attempt to repair your helium tank. When inflating balloons, always point the balloon and inflator nozzle away from your body (and the bodies of others). Wear protective goggles while operating, and remember to close the cylinder valve tightly after use. We’ve all seen someone inhale a helium balloon and talk in a squeaky voice but this is not recommended under any circumstances. Inhalation of high concentrations of helium may cause asphyxiation. You should also keep helium tanks away from children at all times.

How to store a helium tank?

Store your helium tank in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. Keep it out of direct sunlight and do not allow it to reach temperatures above 54 °C. If transporting your helium tank by car, make sure it’s secured well, and that the car is well-ventilated. Helium molecules expand with heat so a hot car is no place for a helium tank. Store your tank upright in the home, and keep it tightly closed when not in use. 

How do you dispose of a helium tank?

Pressurised gas cylinders present a danger when compacted so they cannot be disposed of at a landfill, at a kerbside clean-up, or thrown in with either the domestic garbage or domestic recycling waste service. Helium tanks can only be disposed of once they are completely empty either at a CleanOut event (NSW only) or at a Community Recycling Centre that accepts gas cylinders and bottles.
To depressurise and empty your helium tank, you will need a hammer, a flat-head screwdriver, protective work gloves and goggles, pliers, and a permanent marker.

Helium Tank Emptying Instructions:

  1. Go to a well-ventilated area, then fully open the tank valve by turning it anti-clockwise. Ensure that the nozzle is facing away from you, then push down on the nozzle to release the leftover gas. Keep pressing until you can no longer hear a hissing sound.
  2. Remove the nozzle by unscrewing anti-clockwise.
  3. Put on your protective gloves and goggles. Locate the round blowout valve at the top of the tank where the nozzle and green valve are. Using a hammer and flat-head screwdriver, carefully puncture the inner edge of the small blowout valve until it can be pried off using the pliers. You may need to puncture the blowout valve in a few places around the inner edge to fully open and remove it.
  4. Once the blowout valve has been removed, take a permanent marker, circle the hole and write “EMPTY”, in large bold letters, next to it.
  5. Take the empty tank to your local recycling centre.
Can you recycle helium tanks?

You can ‘recycle’ our helium tanks but not in the sense that you can refill your tank or put it in your recycling bin. In NSW, a disposable helium tank is an empty helium tank. Empty helium tanks can be disposed of via the NSW Household Chemical CleanOut scheme or at some local Community Recycling Centres.

Where to recycle helium tanks near me?

Gas bottle recycling options vary from state-to-state but in NSW, gas bottles and cylinders can be disposed of via any Household Chemical CleanOut event. In NSW, CleanOut events are special days where you can drop off household problem waste for free. Keep an eye out for when your next event is announced in your local government area. You can also contact your local Community Recycling Centre to see if gas bottles are accepted. These centres operate year-round, and some offer recycling services free of charge.

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