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Acrylic Display Pedestals

All the decorations and flower arrangements that you choose to decorate your space with are useless if you and your guests cannot see them easily. To show off your beautiful bouquets when decorating for your wedding or another event, it is a good idea to have them displayed on a flower stand, such as acrylic display pedestals. A clear acrylic plinth can go a long way toward drawing attention to your floral arrangements while also giving them a dedicated place to be displayed. This helps you to get them off hidden tables and out into the open where they can be better appreciated. 

At Koch & Co, we offer acrylic plinths & pedestals for you to work with regardless of the kind of event you are decorating for. Our clear acrylic display pedestals are designed to work well with floral arrangements and flower vases of any colour, thanks to their clear nature that won't clash with whatever it is supporting. Each acrylic pedestal is built to last, ensuring you can use them again and again and save money both in the short and the long term.

To further the money-saving possibilities, we offer acrylic plinths wholesale products. In this way, you can get many acrylic display pedestals at a discounted rate, helping to shave down some of the costs of decorating. No matter what you want to display at your event, you can trust our durable acrylic plinths to help fill the bill. Order our versatile pedestals today for your next event.

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