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Dried & Preserved Babys Breath - Preserved Dried Babys Breath Bunch 110g Off White
Preserved Dried Baby's Breath Bunch 110g Off White
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Dried & Preserved Baby's Breath

In the world of floral arrangements, baby's breath has been something of a staple. This one of a kind plant is named for its delicate nature, which is soft, wispy and frail. Its dainty appearance and feel are perfect for adding a sort of softness to a flower bouquet that no other plant quite can match. Because of its white colour, it works well with any other flowers in the bouquet, regardless of their hue. 

With dried baby's breath, you can fill out your floral arrangements and bouquets beautifully. By placing preserved baby’s breath here and there throughout the bouquet, you can make it look fuller and more visually appealing. At Koch & Co, you are not limited to only white baby's breath. Our preserved baby's breath comes in several different colours for you to choose from, including white but also including beige, champagne, soft pink and dusty pink. With so many options all available in these soft hues, you can fill out your bouquets in the exact way you dream of them looking. 

Perfect for wedding bouquets, table centrepieces and more, we sell the dried baby's breath wholesale. By buying dried baby's breath bulk, you can save plenty of money and time instead of buying them individually. Koch & Co is your one stop shop for dried & preserved flowers and plants, as we ship all across Australia. No matter where your event is being held or prepared for, we can help you get started. Shop our collection today.

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