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Herringbone Twill Ribbon - Herringbone Twill Ribbon Stitched Aqua (15mmx20m)
Herringbone Twill Ribbon Stitched Aqua (15mmx20m)
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Herringbone Twill Ribbon - Ribbon Twill Herringbone Chocolate (38mmx20m)
Ribbon Twill Herringbone Chocolate (38mmx20m)
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Herringbone Twill Ribbon

Ribbon can be a great way to finish so many arts and crafts projects. Our herringbone twill ribbon is an excellent choice that can add some texture to your gifts and flower arrangements. At Koch & Co, we offer a wide variety of the finest products, so our customers know that they can find exactly what they are looking for. We import them ourselves, which means that we can also bring them to you at wholesale prices.

Herringbone twill is a weave that looks great and goes well in a range of situations. We offer many different choices, so our customers can find exactly what they are looking for under the one roof. Our range of styles includes two-tone weaves, plain ribbons with coloured stitching and more.  Any of our herringbone twill ribbons will look amazing on your next project.

Koch & Co is a much loved business that was originally started in 1931. From these humble beginnings, we have grown to be one of the most respected flower businesses in Australia through hard work and dedication to our customers. These days, we are importers, national distributors and wholesalers with the largest range in the country. We sell our products Australia-wide, with quick delivery to the major centres such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Check out our range of herringbone twill ribbons to find the right one for your project.

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