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Metal Pedestals

As you're considering what sort of decorations to use for your upcoming events, it is the small details that matter. Of course, you may consider displaying flowers and planters as a part of the decor, but the actual items that are supporting these displays are just as important. To fill out your space in a way that makes it look professional and sophisticated, metal pedestals are the way to go. 

Metal plinth and metal display pedestal options are great ways for you to display your plants and flower pots from the florist. With a metal pedestal plant stand, you can help the flowers stand out and look their best. At Koch & Co, we offer wholesale metal pedestals for you to choose from, each with a rectangular shape that stands tall and regal. Our metal frame plinths are sure to make the right impression on guests who come to your wedding or other events. 

Koch & Co specialises in decorating and making your professional and formal events as unique and impressive as they can be without breaking the bank, and that does not stop with our metal pedestals. We offer wholesale metal pedestals that will allow you to get all of the metal plinth pieces you need at an affordable price, taking some of the stress out of planning and decorating. Take a look at the wide variety of metal pedestal plinths we offer in our collection and bring some home today.

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