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Spray Bottles - Spray Bottle Glass Plant Mister Clear 200mL (8cmDx16cmH)
Spray Bottle Glass Plant Mister Clear 200mL (8cmDx16cmH)
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Spray Bottles - Spray Bottle Glass Plant Mister Red 200mL (8cmDx16cmH)
Spray Bottle Glass Plant Mister Red 200mL (8cmDx16cmH)
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Spray Bottles - Spray Bottle Large 1500ML
Spray Bottle Large 1500ML
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Spray Bottles - Spray Bottle Medium 1000ML
Spray Bottle Medium 1000ML
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Spray Bottles - Spray Bottle Small 500ML
Spray Bottle Small 500ML
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Spray Bottles

At Koch & Co, we stock a range of water spray bottles useful for watering indoor plants. Our range of empty spray bottles, wholesale priced, are made of a range of materials. This range includes wholesale mist spray bottles and traditional trigger spray bottles. Spray bottles spray out water droplets that can be adjusted in size via the nozzle. Misting bottles spray out finer water droplets than spray bottles. The fine mist can provide humidity to plants, which is especially useful for tropical plants. 

In Need Of Water Spray Bottles?

Available in utilitarian as well as decorative styles, if you need a water spray bottle, at Koch & Co, our selection covers a range of shapes, sizes, and styles. Priced for commercial spray bottles usage as well as individual consumption, we have special rates for spray bottles bulk buys. If you need a water sprayer for plants delivered, we offer shipping for our entire range of bottles, whatever the size of your order. We can deliver mini spray bottles bulk orders just as swiftly as we can deliver a pair of decorative glass spray bottles Australia wide.

From Glass Spray Bottles To Plastic Spray Bottles

At Koch & Co, our range of spray bottles features both plastic and glass varieties. Our glass spray bottle is part of our range of small spray bottles. Decorative and petite, these bottles are mister sprayers that have the benefit of being non-reactive, non-leaching, and non-absorbent of liquids and gases. If you prefer a plastic spray bottle as a water spritzer for plants, we have a range of sizes suitable for watering multiple plants. 

The Best Empty Spray Bottles For Your Plants, Flowers, Cleaning Purposes & More

Our empty spray bottles are a great solution for household duties. Whether you use yours as a water spray bottle for plants, a flower spray bottle, or a household cleaning spray bottle for chemical-free, no-tox cleaning solutions, shop all your spray bottle needs at Koch & Co.

How does a mist spray bottle work?

A water mister for plants is a popular method for providing humidity to plants. That is to say, mist lands on the plant and in time evaporates, which creates humidity. 

The mist spray mechanism is made possible thanks to the special grooves present in the orifice cup, which is the component through which the water sprays. This, plus the very small hole that the water passes through means that a fine mist is sprayed when the trigger is pumped. 

How to open the spray bottle to refill?

To prevent disease outbreaks in your indoor plants, it’s important to change your bottle’s water every time you tend to your plants. To open a bottle of water spray for flowers or foliage, turn the lid anticlockwise to remove the trigger top piece. Clean out and empty your bottle, and take care to spray out old water still sitting inside the nozzle. 

How to store spray bottles?

When storing spray water bottles, take care to clean and dry them thoroughly before storing them in a dark and dry place. Any spray bottles with water in them will grow microorganisms and fungi, especially if left in a warm or sunny place. 

Can you put bleach in a spray bottle?

It is not advisable to ever put bleach in a solution that is designed to be sprayed. Not only can it cause damage to the spray bottle container, but the dispersion of bleach in the air can be harmful to the eyes, skin, and airways. It is significantly safer to use bleach solutions on a cloth while wearing gloves. 

Can you put oil in a spray bottle?

It is possible to put oil in a spray bottle, but take care to use a food safe spray bottle. Some plastics interact with oils. This means that plastic particles can pass into the oil, or the oil can be absorbed into the plastic, which causes the bottle to swell. Food-grade oil sprayers are specially designed to prevent harm and are able to effectively spray viscous oils without clogging. 

Can you put powder in a spray bottle?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to spray powder with a regular spray bottle or mister. However, there are specialised spray bottles that can spray powder. These powder-compatible spray bottles are capable of misting both powder and glitter. Useful for applications like applying dry shampoo and talcum powder, these powder spray bottles are useful for both domestic and commercial applications. 

Can you put paint in a spray bottle?

It is possible to spray paint from a spray bottle if the paint is thinned with lots of water and shaken thoroughly before use. Please note, this only works with water-based paints like acrylic and tempera. 

Why isn't my spray bottle working?

If a spray bottle stops working, it may be because the nozzle is blocked. To clean out a nozzle, unscrew the trigger top piece and run it under hot water. Spray until it runs clean before screwing back onto your bottle. Another simple fix may be to ensure that the inner tube or straw inside the bottle is fixed securely to the trigger top. If this straw is empty, the bottle can’t spray so make sure that the inner tube is always immersed in liquid. 

How to clean a spray bottle nozzle?

To clean a spray bottle nozzle, wash thoroughly with hot and soapy water. Spray all water from the nozzle to avoid spraying detergent onto your plants. Scrub the bottle with a bottle brush and hot, soapy water. Finish off by rinsing the bottle thoroughly. 

Can you recycle spray bottle tops?

Unfortunately, trigger top pieces from spray bottles cannot be recycled domestically. However, they (and their bottles) can be sent to recycling via the TerraCycle Dish & Air Care Recycling Program. Remove the trigger from your spray bottle. Check your bottle for recycling icons before disposing in your recycling bin.

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