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Bubble Wrap - Bubble Wrap Roll Clear (50cm x 50m)
Bubble Wrap Roll Clear (50cm x 50m)
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Bubble Wrap

Those who create their own handmade items or sell other belongings from their homes need a way that is just as reliable as professional packaging to ensure the items get where they are going as safely as possible. While you can mark a box or package as fragile, you cannot guarantee that it won't get rattled around in transit. Instead, you should take the necessary steps to protect the items as best as you can before even sending them out. This way, you can make sure your customer is happy with the condition they receive the item in.

Bubble wrap is a tried and true way of doing so. With bubble wrap as a part of your packaging materials, you can put padding between the item being shipped and the box in case it gets knocked around. At Koch & Co, we offer bulk bubble wrap to help you achieve this. When you buy bubble wrap from us, you can get bubble wrap wholesale to help you save money on these important packaging products. 

Our long bubble wrap rolls will make it easier to safeguard the products when you are packing fragile items, helping to protect them and ensure they are in perfect shape by the time they reach your customers. No matter what the size of your product may be, this bubble wrap can handle it. Shop our selection of bubble wrap today and find the appropriate size for your needs to start protecting your items right away.

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