Boutonniere Pins

Boutonniere pins and corsage clips are what make it possible for you to easily attach beautiful little floral decorations to suits and tops, adding a classic bit of charm to your wedding ensemble, whether you are a groomsmen or the groom himself.
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Boutonniere Pins - Corsage Buttonhole T Pins Petitie Pack 50 (2.5x4.5cmH)
$2.59 ea
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Boutonniere Pins - Corsage Magnet 1cm Diameter (15 pairs)
$7.32 ea
$6.58 ea buy 3 +
Stock arriving on 21-01-2021
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Boutonniere Pins - Corsage Buttonhole T Pins Regular Pack 100 (3.2x6.5cmH)
$20.79 ea
$18.71 ea buy 2 +
Stock arriving on 04-02-2021
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With the right buttonhole flower holder, you can attach artificial flowers or fresh flowers of your choice in a way that is not obvious, giving off the appearance of it just being seamlessly joined with the rest of the suit. A buttonhole flower holder can go a long way toward completing your ceremony ensemble, and at Koch & Co, you're sure to find the right buttonhole vase pin for you.
In this category, you'll find corsage clips and various magnetic buttonholes for weddings, including enough for the entire wedding party to wear both during the ceremony and at the reception. These men's buttonhole pins all feature corsage magnets that go on the back of the buttonhole to provide a strong, high quality hold.
These buttonhole magnets are reliable enough to hold their grip for the duration of the night without slipping, and each one is available at wholesale prices that will help you save. Get yours today and enjoy shipping all across Australia.